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Perfect valentines gift Ideas for my girlfriend?

We’ve only been going out for a little while(7 days on valentines day) so obviously I don’t want to get her something to extravagant. She loves(and I mean LOVES) the color purple. We’re freshman in high school. Any Ideas for something I should give her. She also asked me what i would like. To be honest I don’t want or need anything, but she really wants to get me something. Any Ideas on something I should ask for? Thanks for your help.

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3 Responses to “Perfect valentines gift Ideas for my girlfriend?”

  1. hguygk said:

    you should get her a dozen of real roses (purple), and a box of chocolates.
    show her that your a real gentlemen 🙂
    and when shes asks you what you want you should say. “i want you to be mine:)”

  2. Sully said:

    well….being together for only a week…that makes it hard to answer. But i would go with something like a purple teddy bear and a card. something like in the link below.

  3. Lovely said:

    I would say roses a nice dinner and maybe rent a movie or go to the movie of her choice but if you rent one and watch it at home you can cuddle better or maybe find a heart shaped neckless that is purple doesnt have to be real or a extravagant one and you could ask her to make a coupon book like good for one kiss or good for a hug or something thats a really cute idea for her


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