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what is the perfect valentines day gift for my girlfriend?

My sweetheart lives in another city, but in the same state and I want to plan a valentines day that she will never forget, but I’m not working with a huge budget.

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12 Responses to “what is the perfect valentines day gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. Benny said:

    How about some flowers delivered at her job site, or a nice dinner at a restaurant that night?

  2. roxy said:

    take her out to dinner and buy her a rose and a card and let her know how special she is to you

  3. Demon Girl said:

    Here is a site that has a lot of great romantic ideas…even for people on a budget:

    (These ideas are great for any day…not just Valentines Day)

  4. chicnlips2012 said:

    take her out to a restaurant that serves only healthy food [shows you really care]……then to a concert that will play soft relaxing music, then if possible straight home telling her goodnight at the door, and you go home by yourself………showing you care by not being pushy

  5. psstoffagain said:

    Dependng on your budget make a fuss of her.. Make sure that the whole day is devoted to things that SHE likes. Not every woman wants roses and chocolates. Most prefer to be treated to the little things.
    Here is a day I never forgot. It was mothers day and my son took me out in the morning to breakfast and then knowing that I liked to ride the ferry , he paid for 2 round trip tickets ( $38) and we took that ride and I got some pics of the dolphins and then when we got back he took me to my favorite fish and chip shop.. No flowers or cards, just a wonderful day spent with him. I have had others but that one meant the most.
    I think that if you make sure that the day is about her, then it wont matter how much you spend..

  6. aditya r said:

    If you need help finding the girl a present just go to this site . there are plenty of good cheap ideas to give your girl friend or your girlfriend.

  7. romanticonlinegifts said:

    Hi Dreddloccs,

    On a budget, a nice bouquet of flowers will be great…especially if you have them sent to her workplace (if she is working on that day).


  8. ms.fab said:

    why dont you send her a bouqet of red and white roses with a love note attached to her job! Then plan a evening of romance: Go out to the movies and then take her back to your place and surprise her with a candlelit dinner and a beautiful necklace that says “I Love You”. And end the night with good kiss!!

  9. tabbyisdelicious said:

    Well, send her flowers to her office to tell her to come home or your gonna come to her on valentines, tell her to come home. Take her toa nice restaurant and when you come home have a nice bed spread with rose pedals on it, have candles lit and rent a ROMANTIC COMEDY. She would love it i would

  10. Cristi said:

    You should take her on a boat with a nice dinner or if your on a budget make her a song and send it along with a teddy bear and flowers she would never forget that ( make her a song even if your not the best singer it would be sweet ).

  11. barbie said:

    a big box of chocolates – a teddy bear – & a mushy card !!

  12. Hellen W said:

    The best Valentine gift I’ve got was lovers’ T shirts. There is a fish on mine, and a man hloding a fish pole on my husband’s. If we stand together, his fish pole just troll my fish. It is so interesting.
    This year some friends of mine asked my suggestions about what’s the best gift to give to their honey. So I’ve been searching on the websites these days. I found some silver bracelets are really amazing. The one named “butterfly loves flowers forever” is best thing to express their love at that special day.


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