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ideas for creating or building a Valentines Day gift for my girlfriend?

For Valentines Day my girlfriend and I have decided to create something for each other rather than buying gifts, and I am lost at what to make her. Nothing like a mixed cd or cooking because I am going to cook for her already and I have made a few cds already and i dont think a mixed cd alone is a good valentines day gift. She really likes antiques or things that look like that. So, any ideas?

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4 Responses to “ideas for creating or building a Valentines Day gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. Sloan W said:

    try writing her a poem, and get a tea bag and wet it SLIGHTLY and rub it on the paper so it looks antique and burn the edges a bit so they’re kind of rough. It makes a really cool effect and looks kind of antique. Also, you can try making her a coupon book like “Good for one half-hour massage” or the like 🙂

  2. Stacey said:

    This is a good website to make crafts, yes it is for kids but at least it’s from the heart.

  3. Craig M said:

    Try this link for a good idea.

  4. UwindZ said:

    cuddly plush dolls, Roses, Pearls, Wine Glasses, Pendants, or Valentine card with Love Poems

    Find more Valentine Gift ideas at amazon:

    Design a Valentine card by yourself >>

    p.s. Write the love poem by yourself and I think that will make her heart happy.


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