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Perfect Valentines gift for my boyfriend?

I want to make him like a gift basket, some things special and different not the normal “make him cookies, or a CD” i don’t wanna do gifts like that they seem lame and out of date, i am putting a pair of my favorite underwear in them, any other ideas?
we don’t take many pictured together

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3 Responses to “Perfect Valentines gift for my boyfriend?”

  1. Gutterflower** said:

    what about a scrapbook or photo album of all the things you have done together.

  2. imrightyourwrongmoveon said:

    guys love when you write them notes so one thing you could put it is just write a really sweet heartfelt note and then at the end put lipstick on and kiss the paper my boyfriend loves when i do that (:
    hope i helped, Claire

  3. Me said:

    This year I got my girlfriend the 2009 equivalent of the mix tape – an ipod that I loaded up with love songs. Kind of like the CD idea you don’t like but more modern. Fortunately my girlfriend doesn’t have an ipod yet, but even if she did I would just get her a different version. If your boyfriend already has a large capacity ipod, you can get him a shuffle.


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