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I need to get my girlfriend back and i need to know how? Can people give me ideas?

Ok, i cheated on my girlfriend (yep im an idiot) and i love her so much i would move the world to get her back. She’s obviously mad at me and can’t forgive me. I just need one little gap where i can crawl through and get her back, and i need ideas, any?

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5 Responses to “I need to get my girlfriend back and i need to know how? Can people give me ideas?”

  1. Jessica said:

    I personally would have never gone out with you if you did that to me. 🙂 but, since it isn’t me and you really want to get her back, you should say you are sorry as much as you can. Buy her things, and even write a letter. Go to the extreme!! Do things she has never seen you done before. Something she can say, “He doesn’t give up”

  2. Pretty One said:

    I don’t think you’re going to get her back because you cheated on her. I’m glad that you acknowledge that you made mistake. But if I were her I would take you back because you destroyed her trust in you and you hurt her deeply.

  3. raquel (; said:

    Um well hun try talking to her about your mistake and tell her how you really feel about her, I’m sure if she loves you she will forgive you. but it might take her sometime to think about it. Give her a few days. if the love is strong between you two everything will work out.

  4. Beautiful said:

    She is probably not mad but more hurt. You have to find a way to show her you really regret doing what you did and tell her you love her. Follow these steps
    1.)leave her 2 messages a day – so she knows you care but you don’t seem obsessive
    2.)send her, her favorite flowers
    3.) walk up to her and say i’m sorry
    4.)talk about her all the time and see if you can get a friend to let her know how sorry you are
    5.)talk to one of her friends and see if she is willing to help
    6.) tell her everything you just posted online just like that, show her how desperately you want her back
    7.) *this is only for the bold* do something public
    – put up posters around school that say take me back____her name_______
    – stand up in the middle of class and tell her how much you care in a way where she will have to listen
    – in the middle of a huge crowd tell everyone how you messed up and let her know you love her

  5. aimee said:

    You need to apologize to her, if you have not yet. You can’t make someone change their mind or take you back. You will have to live with your mistake. I hope you take this as a learning experience and have learned that you can’t treat any girl/women like this. Your girlfriend should not take you back because she will never be able to trust you again. After you have apologized to her, you need to leave her alone and not bother or stalk her. If she wants to give you another chance, she will let you know. Otherwise, you need to move on and treat girls with more respect in the future


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