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Need tips on way to get an Ex Girlfriend back?

1. She’s friends with me now
2. She’s a little shy
3. I know another guy likes her so I need to move quickly.
What should I do?

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14 Responses to “Need tips on way to get an Ex Girlfriend back?”

  1. m e l ! ยง a said:

    ask her on a date or to hangout, what’s meant to be will always find its way..

  2. chloe B said:

    Let her go. People need to understand an “EX” is an ex for a reason. Leave the past in the past. You trying to get someone back might be getting in the way of a great women……think and choose wisely

  3. emilycupcake said:

    tell her how you feel about her, see how it goes from there

  4. spam_free_he_he said:

    Be kind, treat her well, respect her………..and hope for the best.

    Anything else you try, (asking for a date, professing your undying love, begging), You broke up……….right now your credibility in what you say is ziltch, the ONLY thing she will believe is how you treat her.

    Sorry, there is no magic fix.


  5. cristiandlee2003 said:

    just be friends for now and take it slow if she still cares for you then she’ll come back

  6. Hitman said:

    Forget about her and move on with your life. You can move forward by taking steps backward.

  7. {*!!*LaDii*E*jAyS*lAdII*!!*} said:


  8. Gino M said:

    Text her say you’rre sorry and you want to start over. Promise her you will treat her well and you won’t hurt her. Then keep your promise

  9. Ashley Dee. said:

    well i would start flirting with her
    and then prove to her that you want her
    back and show her how much she means to you.
    make sure that the other guy doesnt get in the way

    Best of Luck-

  10. sparklers said:

    are you sure she wants you back?

    if she wants you back as well then tell her you want her back or maybe start from the what you did when you first started dating her..good luck.

  11. ThatJimmy said:

    Im in near to EXACTLY the same situation as you are!
    i am getting really depressed trying to get back with her but i really cant see it happening, she seems adamant towards staying friends
    so maybe this is what you should do.. although i am seriously finding it hard myself to cope ๐Ÿ™

  12. scott s said:

    ..not that ex’s can’t be friends and stuff Luc….but what in gosh darned heaven makes you wanna go back to an ex again and recreate the same old same old all over again with her partner?
    The sex must have been pretty darned good partner…would we agree?

  13. Seth R said:

    show her your penis.
    she’ll appreciate the confidence.

    do this at school, preferably, or the mall if you want.

  14. charles scott said:

    Just do something that let her believe that you truly love her make her come near you!


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