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Any ideas on how to get my girlfriend back?

we dated for like 7 months but lately like the past couple weeks she’s been sorta standoffish and been pushing me away.. so like anyone i broke it off. she said she see’s us as more of friends…..

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3 Responses to “Any ideas on how to get my girlfriend back?”

  1. Model Chic said:

    Nope. You ruined it. She’s gone. You can try, but why would she take your back? You ended it. You didn’t want her. Her didn’t see her as good enough.

  2. yankeelovr said:

    She lost interest, unfortunately, for you . . . .

  3. Inforesource said:

    To get ex girlfriend back you need to follow those steps (works 80% of a time)
    1) Just sit down and make it clear for yourself that you want to get her back.
    2) Start hanging out with other girls and make sure your girlfriend sees it
    3) “Disappear” from her world for a week (don’t pick up your phone, don’t login to facebook, don’t use msn) to make her wonder where are you and with whom.
    4) After a week call her and just ask her to meet you tomorrow because you have something to tell her
    5) When you meet her behave like you are just friends
    6) After a while when you notice the that she is starting to touch you casually or stare in your eyes, just go for a kiss
    7) Tell her all the bs how no one from the girls you met compare to her and that you want to start relationship from the beginning.
    Good luck!


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