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Why does the USA strictly implement UN resolutions everywhere except where Israel is concerned?

We the Palstiyans want peace but we do not want this peace process

A lasting peace is one which is just and fair for all
and as long as Israel is enforcing peace their way
the Palestinians have to fight for theirs

Israel’s peace process is Surrender or War
Palestinian’s peace process is UN Resolutions 194, 242, 338….

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11 Responses to “Why does the USA strictly implement UN resolutions everywhere except where Israel is concerned?”

  1. Chi Guy said:

    This is true. I do not know why. It is not fair.

  2. Carl Winslow said:

    Because the USA and Israel jack eachother off.

  3. Gdgsddgs Gsgsddgs said:

    Because there is a large amount of influential Jews living in America however the Palestinians do not have such a lobby.

    It is an absolute disgrace that they are given such backing from the US, as without it they would not be able to romp round the MIddle East thinking they can treat Arabs like sh*te.

    I can just say to you as a Palestinian to keep the faith and one day hopefully you will get the justice you deserve.


  4. Reconstructing Melons said:

    Well because Israel is not building Nuclear Bombs or cutting peoples heads off.. Ehhh Duhhh?!?

  5. Emile Stonwall said:

    The Palestinians need to give up and leave Israel alone. Israel simply reclaimed land that was stolen from them by the Romans 2,000 years ago. That’s their homeland and its by destiny and rightfully theirs. In 1947, it was restored to the Jews who legally owned it to start with. The Palestinians have no claim on it other than Arab terrorists who descended from Syrians moved into he stolen land after Roman fell and named it theirs.

    Israel is in the right and its all their land. The Palestine’s have done nothing but evil. They fire bombs into Israelite towns, kill innocent Jewish children and women, right political fights, start wars and pick trouble. Israel tries to make peace and has even give away land to make it happen. Israel also never expelled Muslims and allows them to lie there and the Palestine’s refuse to let peace happen because they want the land for themselves when they have no claim to it.

    REPLY: There is no comparison between the Native Americans and Jews. The Jews are the rightful owners of Israel. Native Americans now can given US citizenship and own land in the United States. Arabs dont want Jews there at all.

  6. mckenziecalhoun said:

    You do realize that every cease-fire, EVERY cease-fire has been ended by Palestine?
    You realize that every Israeli soldier captured has been sent back dead no matter what promises were made?
    You do realize that the targeting of civilians in Israel is well documented? That the attacks of civilians on Israeli troops is well documented?

    Why don’t we see the Israeli government attacking first after a cease-fire?
    Why don’t we see Israeli soldiers traded ALIVE for a concession?
    Why don’t we see Israeli rocket attacks at civilian buses, or schools, or other non-combatants?

    No, you do not want peace.
    You embrace as your GOVERNMENT an organization that has as it’s motto: Drive Israel into the Sea!

    Who are you kidding?

    Folks, read the history of the conflict, educate yourself by reading ALL sides, not just opening your mouths in support of Israel or the Palestinians.

    CHECK! There is a lot of nonsense out there.

  7. katmandu_85219 said:

    The UN resolutions don’t seem to take the bombing of Israel very seriously.
    There will be NO peace, until both sides stop the violence. That includes Palestine
    and their nifty little mortar shots.

  8. The Blackadder said:

    Becuz the babble said its da jooz, da same jooz dat lost the land 2000 yrs ago, they just went to europe and got fairer and came back to what is rightfully deirs beccuz the europeans are meanies.

  9. Nabil said:

    because the IS government is bought and paid for by AIPAC

  10. BMCR said:

    You may want to look up the difference between binding and non binding UN resolutions.

    Also, as long as you are bringing up Resolution 242 as a framework for a “peace process” you may be interested in reading this:

  11. dulaninao said:


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