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What new Year’s resolutions would u make for your favorite team or player in 2008?

Mines would be for Derek Jeter to finally get that MVP Award that’s been eluding him. And for the Yanks to prove they can win without having someone like Johan Santana in their team.

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8 Responses to “What new Year’s resolutions would u make for your favorite team or player in 2008?”

  1. 2gadoo said:

    To see WVU football team sign someone like Terry Bowden & continue success in college football.

  2. Fans4Writers.Com said:

    Hey fellas…it’s been 100 years, why don’t we win a World Series?

  3. Diane said:

    I would like to see our starting rotation (Astros) uhm, be good. All we have is Oswalt. The others are going to need to step it up.

  4. arods_1fan said:

    I would just have them play the game CLEAN!! no juicing!

  5. jason said:

    If all the Orioles players are taking steroids then please start to win.

  6. Red Sawx ® said:

    I want the Sox to go back to back and win their 8th WS championship in 08

  7. Elizabeth said:

    This isn’t really a new year’s resolution. More like a wish but I really hope that the Yankees can win the AL east and the young pitchers, Joba, Hughes and Kennedy, prove to be reliable starters. I also hope everything works out with Girardi and the Yanks can find a flow.

  8. Yankee Fan for Life [im a girl] said:

    Well like you said Derek Winning an MVP he should of won in 2006 but those stupid sport writers came up with BS reason, well moving on i think to just to try to play and move on from the steroids scandals and try to STAY HEALTHY that’s it the last couple years the injuries has affected the Yankees


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