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Why dont UN security council resolutions apply to israel?

Didnt the world band together to destroy iraq for some resolution or other?

Where are the international peacekeepers?

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8 Responses to “Why dont UN security council resolutions apply to israel?”

  1. darkAI said:

    The resolutions were condemning both Israel and the rocket shooting. Last I checked – Hamas’s rockets are the ones which started it and they’re the ones which making this fighting continue, as Israel already been saying from the very beginning that as soon as the rockets stop landing in people’s houses and the civilians are safe, Israel will stop its operation.

  2. Eric M said:

    The U.N. is worthless, weak, very corrupt, and grotesquely biased. Over the past few decades, something like EIGHTY PERCENT of all U.N. resolutions were against Israel. Not against, Lybia, not against the Soviet Union, not against Cuba, not against Saddam Hussein, not against Ayatollah Khomeini. It’s staggering.

    >> Didnt the world band together to destroy iraq for some resolution or other? < < Um, Iraq is still there, mkay? The UN did pass a number of resolutions against Saddam Hussein, which he ignored, while letting his people starve, while bribing UN Officials such as the son of Kofi Annan. Yay UN! >> Where are the international peacekeepers? << The same place they were for the first SIX THOUSAND terrorist rockets to come out of Gaza.

  3. Jake said:

    dark- Even after the truce Israel still kept blockading Gaza making it impossible for food and water supplies to come in, so people were being held prisoners in their own country, its only logical that they would start shooting rockets!! Israel kept pushing Gaza to the edge, what did they excpect to happen? and now The U.N. Security Council called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip on Thursday but Israeli warplanes kept up attacks.

  4. Richard_SM said:

    Israel have special dispensation.

    UN Resolutions don’t apply to them.

    Nor do the terms of ceasefires.

    They broke the ceasefire on 4th November 2008

    Neither did they observe the terms contained in the truce.

    They refused to lift the blockade around Gaza – a specific condition.

    The UN Resolution has been approved. Watch how long it takes Israel to cease hostilities. I guarantee they won’t stop Friday. They never do.

  5. Divine Bovine said:

    You gotta understand that Israel is kind of like the golden boy of the UN and US. He/She can’t really do anything wrong. Even when they do, they have the total backing of a lot of countries because in their opinion Gaza belongs to Israel, which makes it okay.

    I don’t understand it all, but I know its REALLY complicated, and it all starts from stuff that happened in the late Forties. Really, you could blame Hitler for all of it… kinda. 😐

  6. brainstorm said:

    Because the USA traffics the latest weapons to Israel

  7. numnum said:

    well if you’ll check UN decision 1701, recieved in 2006 after lebanon israeli war, you’ll see that it states that hizballa will be disarmed and captured soldiers will be returned without conditions.

    hizballa now tripled its power, and sodiers were returned only after arch murderer Samir kuntar was handled to lebanon.

    so why should israel trust another agreement by the UN? let them disarm hizballa first, then we might listen to what UN has to say.

  8. mo said:

    Because the UN is US’s puppet and Israel is US’ master and love child. If you followed the presidential elections, you should have noticed Obama, Clinton and McCain falling over each other to please Israel — so much so that you wouldn’t have been wrong if you thought they were running to become the President of Israel.


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