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Why does North Korea have to follow UN resolutions but Israel does not?

So as Im sure some of you know NK is going to be launching a “satellite”. So I hear Clinton going on about UN resolutions that forbid NK from doing so. Why dont I ever hear any US politician going on about the UN resolutions Israel continues to ignore? Why is Israel allowed to take a crap on the UN and international law and North Korea not?

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4 Responses to “Why does North Korea have to follow UN resolutions but Israel does not?”

  1. anjana said:

    Neither Israel nor North Korea will listen to the UN, since UN itself is not so effective on all the resolutions passed on both of them, since these two nations have the backing of USA and CHINA, the great powers, respectively!

  2. Lord Percy said:

    security council and general council

    obviously arab states in the general assembly will vote for teh death of all jews and the destrution of israel

    remember the jews first then we are next

    they have attacked us for 1400 years they are not about to stop

  3. hardcoregamer2k said:

    Because Israel is not communist, and we didn’t create North Korea. You have to remember our country has a veyr strong stance against Genocide, plus the general American public has very strong feelings behind Israel.

    North Korea, on the other hand, just read up on the Korean war for that one…

  4. owowo said:

    Quite simply Israel is a strong democratic ally of ours (ours I mean the US/west which primarily dominates UN policies. Allies let allies get away with stuff and chastise their enemies. This is how the world has worked since the dawn of time. NK and Israel are far from the only examples. France has violated the nuclear test ban treaty and well their our ally so who cares. Israel took out syrian nuclear facilities. Syria not ally, who cares. Not to mention it is widely believe that the US provided Israel with nukes and/or technology to develop them. Also Israel is an undeclared nuclear power, while it is widely BELIEVED they have them there is no official comment on the subject by Israel and the truth is there is quite simply nobody who is going to press the subject who really has the power to make a difference.


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