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What are your vegan or vegetarian resolutions?

I am vegan, but I am trying to eat as much of a raw diet as possible. So, I will try to at raw veggies more often, and fruits of course, but raw veggies are hard to eat!
lol @ strawberry comment..maybe, but I love strawberries!

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10 Responses to “What are your vegan or vegetarian resolutions?”

  1. Miniver said:

    not vegan or vegetarian, but to stop eating packaged foods……frozen dinners, frozen pizzas etc. or at least cut back to less than one a week. you should cut back on the strawberries.

  2. wiseass said:

    please, have a fish fillet, will ya !

  3. Lauren said:

    well i have been a vegetarian for about a year and for my resolution i’m becoming vegan, starting today. 🙂

    can i ask though, what is the point of being a raw vegan? not being offensive, i just dont understand.


  4. AngiO said:

    This year i will mostly be eating vegan dust…;)

  5. Hunter said:

    I am going to try to be vegan once a week. and then twice, then three times, ect.

  6. Tatty said:

    I eat meat, but I think raw diet is really good and in some ways, brave!

  7. quantum quack said:

    I don’t even bother with veggies. if Nutrition data is correct, fruits and nuts have far more vitamins than veggies. so lets eat something more efficient.

    I usually don’t do any resolution, but this one is just a coincidence. I will eat more raw, dry or ready-to-eat foods. refrigeration costs, I’m on a grid and humans won’t change coal for the cleaner gas for some time. and sometimes food still spoils. there are no issues with dry food such as cereals or drinks like green tea. I like gunpowder tea. if my calculations are correct, a fridge will consume more energy in 10 minutes than my laptop in 15 hours. although I don’t know for how long a fridge turns off. I prefer dry food, I can go anywhere without worries of spoiling it. even drinks such as coconut water don’t need refrigeration until you open the package and last for a day or two.

  8. Robert L said:

    Iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes are good to eat raw. However, if you don’t choose those that are young and tender, then you will have a hard time in chewing.

  9. Amanda☮ said:

    I personally do not do resolutions. If I want to change things in my life, I will do it at anytime not just at the start of the year

  10. trenardy said:

    Yes, my resolution is to eat more raw vegan foods in 2010.

    Plus to have days of just consuming 100% raw vegan foods – as I tend to yo yo between cooked and raw.

    Yes, raw veggies are hard to eat………..that is why I juice them, or turn them into green smoothies:

    It is exceptionally easy to drink raw veggies.



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