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When a guy passes a woman by and barks, what does that mean?

When I was going to college a few years ago I was walking onto the campus and walked by a couple of boys. One of them barked at me. I wasn’t sure how to take that. Even though I just ignored him and kept on walking that just stuck in my head. I’m not an ugly woman. Not drop-dead gorgeous, but I’ve have had people say that I am pretty. So what’s the deal with barking?

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3 Responses to “When a guy passes a woman by and barks, what does that mean?”

  1. mona monreal said:

    Who knows, they were probably looking at all of the girls and making comments to each and if you are not the perfect one they may have a different reaction , called IMMATURE!!! pay no attention, they probably werent much to look at anyway!!

  2. David said:

    Means they think you are dog ugly. That is why I bark at women like that.

  3. falcon16 said:

    just ignore it and don’t even bother thinking over it
    either they were immature flirting or being a jerk


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