About my Valentines date. … WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?

So I got her favorite chocolates,lipstick,eyeshadow.. she was surprised that I remembered all of that!

We went to the mall, she found a nail polish she has been looking everywhere for.. I bought it for her.

I took her to a Japanese fine dining restaurant, took pics of what we were eating and of me and her
then we went to John Mayer concert, she had a great time, took pics of the concert and filmed a video with me and her for youtube, took pics of me and her together.

then we went to ice cream place, and we kiss after that, we have been seeing each other for about a month now, and we only kiss when the time is right, now everytime, we both agree it makes it more romantic and exciting that way.

At the end of the date she said: “You have a good chance of being my boyfriend”

what does that mean, is that her way of saying I want to be with you ?

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One Response to “About my Valentines date. … WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?”

  1. A said:

    lets get to the point:

    dont be her sugar daddy.
    stop buying her things to make her like u.
    if she did not kiss u after all that, than u r becoming her friend not bf.
    u call the shots not her.
    the only time u kiss is when she lets u
    be unpredicatable
    push pull with her.
    this is not the dating time when guy takes her to movies dinner concert and she falls for him. back than there was no feminist movement women had no choice. now they have choices.
    she might have other guys who are competing for her like u


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