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is this a date/ valentines day?

ok so there is this girl that i have liked for the longest time we have been to a couple movies with me paying having a great time, and today after we saw a movie i txted her saying can i take you to dinner tommorow completly forgetting it was valentines day so then i realized it was, so do u think she likes me and do u think this is a date and if so wat should i do(only have forty dollars)

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4 Responses to “is this a date/ valentines day?”

  1. Minty Me said :

    Make a picnic and take it to a romantic place

  2. Broken Dreams said :

    Yeah it’s a date. I think you should tell her that story, it’ll likely make her smile n she’ll like you more for it. As for having only $40, explain you only got that much but you know a “unposh place”. That term will just make where ever you do go, sound better and again it sounds humorous which shows your personality. I’m thinking a take away and a park bench. If she goes and likes it then you KNOW she enjoys your company. The rest will be history.

  3. Sammy said :

    she clearly likes you otherwise she wouldn’t be spending valentine’s day with you. even though you forgot it was valentine’s day, she definitely did not. and trust me as a girl, us girls want to spend valentine’s day with a guy we like, not just a friend. if you only have $40, i don’t know if you live alone but you should either make dinner and buy her a cute stuffed animal with a single flower or go to dinner at california pizza kitchen or something not too expensive but possibly miss out on buying her a teddy bear and a flower. i’m a girl and i would prefer my valentine’s day date to make me dinner and buy me a flower with a teddy bear. it shows you put in the effort without overdoing it (especially since it’s your first serious date).

  4. asRal6o00tc said :


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