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Is this a good Valentines Date for my girlfriend?

im going to take her to Olive Garden and im going to give her a card i wrote her and also im going to give her a diamond necklace i bought her
and after im going to take her to the Movies and the next day i bought tickets for all age club (strawberry sundays) im only 17 btw so i cant take her to italy or something lols
the thing is she kinda expects alot : / cause she had a ex who was like SPOILED up the ass lols cause we went to a jewelery store just to loo around and she was like this is good for valentines day i was like wtf???? and she said what? and i said nothing i almost fell lols but yeah and im like dirt poor haha im 17 and i go to a charter school and i work. i clean some office and only get 500 a month but she always wants everything!!!! but i love her and she deserves everything
oh yeah and also its our 9 month anniversary that same day! lols

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9 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines Date for my girlfriend?”

  1. mimi said:

    OMG! It’s perfect! Too much, but it’s perfect!

    I wish my boyfriend would atleast get me flowers, he might, who knows…

  2. Lydia D said:

    haha, oh darn, because i was going to say you should definitely take her to italy.

    That sounds really cool though, way to be a good boyfriend.

  3. bayou_skum said:

    that’s sounds great..

  4. SkullxCandy said:

    wow that is an awesome date. PERFECT. She’ll LOVE it. :]

  5. Morgan T said:

    I think that’s a very sweet gesture and she will really appreciate all of your effort.
    You don’t need to spend lots of money on someone to show that you care. A heartfelt card is always appreciated. You could even rent her favorite girlie movie, buy her favorite sweet/ice cream and just make time for the two of you to hang out together.

    I’m sure she’ll have a wonderful Valentine’s day as long as you let her know that she means a lot to you.

    Good luck and happy Valentine’s day!

  6. Vickyd said:

    that sounds perfect!

  7. Zet said:

    If I were her I’d be overwhelmed, that’s a good thing

  8. kurtiobst said:

    olive garden makes me sick but the rest is spot on.

  9. Little Green Giant said:

    It sounds like you put a lot of thought into it and that’s always good. Just remember that Valentine’s Day is really a Hallmark holiday and you shouldn’t just pour everything into this one weekend. Girls generally appreciate it more if you do little sweet things spontaneously than just making a big deal out of the holidays and forgetting the rest of the days! So my point: it sounds like you’ll have a wonderful time this weekend, just make sure you keep showing her how caring and thoughtful you are for the rest of the days of the year!


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