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Is this a good Valentines gift for my girlfriend?

I am taking her to a nice Italian restaurant, buying her a dozen roses, and writing her poetry.

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5 Responses to “Is this a good Valentines gift for my girlfriend?”

  1. hopeless romantic said:

    You’re the dream boyfriend! You’ve got all bases covered! She’ll love you to death!

  2. amanda w said:

    omg, youre soo sweet! thats perfect-dont change a thing!

  3. susana_c619 said:

    That is sooooooo romantic!! You sound like a great guy and your girl is very lucky to have you!!! Have a great Valentine’s Day and good luck!! I am sure she will love all of it!!

  4. Andrea said:

    Damn! I wish you were my Boyfriend! An yes It’s a really sweet Valentines gift.

  5. yes mam said:

    That’s perfect! I want a guy to write me poetry…. 🙁 Have a nice date!


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