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whats an appropriate gift for valentines day for a new girlfriend?

We just decided to start dating yesterday. i am 35 and she is 22. any suggestions would be appreciated since i havent had to buy a valentines gift for a few years now lol

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28 Responses to “whats an appropriate gift for valentines day for a new girlfriend?”

  1. ƒlιρ ƒяαηcнιsє said:

    35 and 22, eh?

    A notification to her that you have some Viagra on layaway would be good.

  2. Tiffany said:

    Flowers or chocolate


    chocolates in a heart box, a teddy bear(big one) and red or mink or white(or all) roses!

  4. Pandora™ said:

    A new dildo. She might need it.

  5. laurenn ;) said:

    Whipped cream, a whip, and some hot lingerie.

  6. Raeann S said:

    Flowers, not Roses, to expensive this time of year, but a nice boquet! Either take her out to dinner or make dinner and don’t forget a card!!!

  7. amanda! [ahoy] said:

    i would just get her some flowers.
    probably not roses though

  8. Flameboastin' said:

    wow….35 and 22…..hmm….

  9. ♥Rarrr♥ said:

    A snuggie

  10. am♥nda said:

    Definitely flowers.

  11. jloxo2 be fine in 2009 said:

    aww how cute !!!!! try a few red roses and a small box of candy shape in a heart :]

  12. ♥Blue Jean said:

    Something traditional. Maybe roses and a box of chocolates. I wouldn’t spend too much on her though, since you guys are just starting to date. ♥

  13. ♥♥♥ said:

    A teddy bear and roses.

  14. Adored ♥ said:

    chocolate or flowers. you just started dating so you shouldn’t over do it or anything. something very simple but thoughtful.

  15. starr said:

    Get her a huge stuffed animal with a box of chocolates and a rose
    its always a safe choice for a valentines gift =)

  16. Hotstuff.Enuffsaid said:

    A romantic home made dinner with roses and wine. Thats what I would want…though if you jsut started dating that might seem creepy. So maybe roses and take her out for dinner haha.

  17. Miss Sarah-Jane said:

    Something simple

  18. poptart77187 said:

    get her a pretty necklace..
    she’ll loooooove that ♥

    oh oh, and some roses (:
    maybe even a teddy bear.

  19. snowbunnie73 said:

    oh! i love this question! my answer is always the same!
    Homemade chocolate!

  20. steve meve lave said:

    I agree, I don’t think you can go wrong with a snuggie. She definitely sounds like the kind of girl who hates having her arms trapped under a blanket.

  21. NIKKI♥ NNR+DLS said:

    i think you should get her one red rose (still closed, not fully grown) and one chocolate kiss…if you not that romantic get her a pair of dangly earings and a box of choclates


  22. L-train said:

    AW! The Cupcake in Bloom! Look it up its the most adorable flower arrangement in the entire world.

    Accompanied by chocolate of course.

  23. fersitf said:

    some love <3 lol i kid... uhm some chocolat :-p yes the french way :-p or some flowers

  24. Shume said:

    flowers they do not have to be roses, some candy

  25. Mimi ™ said:

    Ok ! FIRST OFF ALL!!! DO NOT DO THE WHOLE BUY A TEDDY AND CHOCOLATE! like.. dat is so old and lameeeee.

    Here’s what you can do.

    Take her out to dinner to a fine restaurant .. have champagne .. don’t take her to fridays or applebees.Lol.

    Give her a bracelet or a cute necklace after dinner or during dessert.

    And maybe you can end the night with something good.

    You don’t have to buy a gift to show a girl you like or care about her, but the things you do =] like being there with her, watch a movie or blah blah. you know. But what i said will come in handy as a new girl. plus she’s young. 😉

  26. CDGitsme said:

    I’ll tell you the truth~ my hubby gets me flowers which is lovely, really~

    When he takes me on an outing~ something special~ like for our anniversary we went to see Momma Mia at the stage theatre (play not the movie) That was SO SO much nicer! We then have a memory of something we did together.

    Dinner is nice too~ but what about an outing~ a play~ a dinner theater~ something completely different. To a comedy club~ I don’t know~ i don’t know what you all like~ but check the entertainment guide for your area. Im sure you’ll find something.

  27. JC said:

    Well this is interesting
    13yrs between and she is 22. Lucky dude, however this is not my point!
    Dating since yesterday is my point, combined with the above facts there should be some careful considerations made.
    You wouldn’t want to seem to serious, though she may see you in a more serious way then things really seem.
    Personally I would keep it simple and buy something small but close to her heart, not sweets, or jewelery.
    Stay with the Valentines Card and maybe a nice early dinner out.
    Followed by the presentation of the small gift, either after dinner or at home, depending on the circumstances.
    The gift: This is something that you have to choose from your observations. You know her most.

  28. Mr. BIG said:

    Silk stockings and a lacy garter belt.


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