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What would you think if your husband got a Valentine’s Day card from his EF that read the following?

“OMG i luuuv u bb!! u need 2 see mi waxed v***** 4 VD MWAH XOXOXOXO”

EF=Emotional Friend, approximately 21, female, was considered for the Playboy web site’s college co-ed edition until she flunked out of junior college in her first semester.

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19 Responses to “What would you think if your husband got a Valentine’s Day card from his EF that read the following?”

  1. melodia said :

    The problem here is IF.

  2. Cc said :

    I would start to wonder what kind of emotional friends they were. Ask him how close they are. Ask him what he thinks of the card and what’s written inside of it and would he like it if some guy wrote to you something in the same male language. Good luck.

  3. Trevor's Wife said :

    Wouldn’t happen my husband keeps no friends of such a description.

    I would think that I should enroll her in a continuing education program to improve on her lack of ability to spell and form proper sentences. Her writings illegibility rivals mine, that’s pretty bad.

  4. Wizzel said :

    I would think that my husband is having an affair with a woman that loves him, just got waxed and wants to show him.

  5. Metal Nettle said :

    Emotional friend? what does this even mean?

    If a girl (especially a loose one of that age) was contacting my husband offering to show him her V, we’d have a huge problem, huge.

  6. e said :

    First of all a husband shouldnt be getting a Valentines day card from any woman other than his wife or mother.Doesnt matter if shes a paymate of a dog from the pound.second wtf is an emotional friend. Husbands dot get to be emotional friendly or anything else with another woman. Third a single woman telling a husband about her wax isnt a friend, shes a home wrecker. I would sugest husband be a husband and stop hanging out with flunkies

  7. Muffin said :

    I would think her wax doesn’t look as good as mine.

    love Muffin.

  8. elpi said :

    Why would you even have to ask? EF is making it so clear what’s going on. This is a guy who likes them dumb. All of them…

  9. darkcloud said :

    I would think she should have had enough respect for marriage to never send a card to any husbond of any wife , Thats just wrong . she doesn’t deserve to be married she doesn’t know what it means .

  10. Debbie's angel said :

    I’d be asking him some serious question about his EF’s mentality or what the heck he was doing with her to make her say such things 🙂

  11. babydoll said :

    is this an ecard that was sent from one of those web cam sites, if so i wouldn’t worry about it too much, it’s not actually coming from a particular person who is real.

    if it is from a real girl let him go see it on vd and get vd, lol. then leave him for good!!!!

  12. Eddies Fave gurl 4-eva! said :

    OMG i cant b-leeve u told evry1!!!!!!!

  13. Instant Star Is Stone Cold Crazy said :

    I’d laugh and tell him that if he wanted to make me jealous he was going to have to have an EF with an IQ higher than a brick to go with her nice rack.

  14. sharon s said :

    I see why she flunked out. IF she was so smart she wouldn’t be hanging out at your house. She would have friends of her own. lololololololololol

  15. Sue C said :

    Eddie, that’s going a bit TOO FAR & as far as I’m concerned way too personal. NO your wife would NOT appreciate it a bit & you sure couldn’t blame her on this one! Are you sure she’s an EF, OR is it more like FWB BY NOW…:)

  16. Jackie said :

    i dont have a hubby, but as ur friend, id think she was still in HS and id wonder y shed advertise her STDs. either way, drop this freak!!!!

  17. cass4 said :

    id knock the bi**h out COLD!!! 😐

  18. Autumn said :

    With the husband I have, I’d be glad; although, I’d guess she either had mental problems, was on drugs, or he had a huge sum of money hidden somewhere. She’d be welcome to him, though.
    In your case, I think you should expect a lot of trouble, I mean a LOT of trouble!

  19. cool said :

    LMAO…..what did you do to make her say such things…..I know he flirts with all the women but doesn’t have the guts to cheat. He would never get a card like that….and even if he gets, i will use it against him when he gets abusive.


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