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Guys, how would you feel if a girl you didn’t know gave a card on Valentine’s Day?

And I don’t mean a lovey dovey card. But just one that says: Happy Valentine’s Day.
By the way, I’m in college (me and this particular guy). We don’t “know” each other, but we do in fact “know of” each other. I know this because we’ve looked at each other ocassionally. But we’ve never spoken.

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4 Responses to “Guys, how would you feel if a girl you didn’t know gave a card on Valentine’s Day?”

  1. FnkDctr said:


    Just make sure he’s single, or the claws might come out.

  2. Worutaasei said:

    We’d think it was sweet for about 5 seconds … depending on if we’ve noticed her before (in a good way) we might say thanks.

    After 5 seconds though, we try to figure out how long we have to hold onto it, and the best way to get rid of it.

  3. Jason B said:

    I would really appreciate that! Guys are pressured enough as it is on Valentine’s Day, and the fact that you send this guy a card will take a load of pressure off of him, even if it is one that just says “Happy Valentine’s Day”. Of course, it could be awkward in highschool because it may imply that you are looking for a relationship and getting a card from some random stranger is kind of weird. I say if I was introduced to this girl or knew her somewhat then it would be okay. Otherwise I wouldn’t do it if I were you. Just introduce yourself!

    I hope I helped!

  4. hubblesals said:

    Awesome. Go for it.


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