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Do you think a good Valentines day gift from potential illegals would be obey the law for 1 day?

The U.S. has been generous with the world, including those in the tragedy in Haiti.

Wouldn’t it be a nice gift from our neighbors to the south to empower their people to just respect the laws of other nations like the U.S………just for one day like Valentines day.

Stopping hate for our laws that protect our nation would be a good gesture.

Wishful thinking I know.

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8 Responses to “Do you think a good Valentines day gift from potential illegals would be obey the law for 1 day?”

  1. Jane#1 said:

    yes and it is wishful thinking. sweet dreams.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I don’t think they’ll obey them, not trying to be rude. And I don’t believe in valentine’s day, so…

  3. Did you miss me?, Pure and MD said:

    A good gift for our immigrant friends will be a movie like “The Sound of Music”. It’s a beautiful 1965 musical, that reminds people how an Austrian family escaped from the horrible Nazi Germans, and they had to cross the border illegally because captain Von Trapp didn’t want to serve those terrible Nazis. Also will make people wonder that possible some nazi Gremans made it to America to destroy our country with racists ideas, KKK, ignorant white supremacy thinking, etc, that most likely they taught to their children and they continue teaching on these days just to keep their family tradition. If you look well, you may find a correlation on the ancestors from the people who complain the most about minorities, and maybe in that correlation you may find that the ones who complain the most share one particular characteristic regarding skin pigmentation.

  4. samcro said:

    I would just settle for 1 day without racism from Mexicans and pro-illegals playing the race card.

  5. Izzy said:

    Funny, I agree but why single out mexicans….. huh….. are we an easy scapegoat, what about all those that YES, got in via visa but then over stayed. They’re from other countries, why not mention them. I’m sorry if I sound defensive but its sad that the question/comment probably came from a U.S. citizen, that is ignorant, which there is a lot of those here in this country. I mean, if you intend to say something like this, make sure you widen your lens and remember that there is an east, a west, and a north.

  6. Joel W said:

    No. It is the job of the Federal Government to enforce Immigratioin Law… and pay for it. They want to spend the Federal Tax Money else where.. won’t change the law in such a way that it can be universally enforced, and is slowly winding its way south to significant incompetence.

    We need a government that finds the simplist course of action, and takes that action to ensure the people of this country are protected. Until we have some way of establishing a reliable majority opinion, the people in this country are wide open to abuse! We have big problems… one day would make it worse too.

  7. Kize said:

    I know what you are trying to say, but they should obey the laws everyday and not just one day. I would go for one day of mass raids. Raiding any place that even has one illegal and gather many up and deport them out would be a better present to our country.

  8. the crow said:

    No a great gift would be allowing the Americans to gather up illegals in their communities for one day. Give a reward for all captured. That would be a perfect Valentine’s day.


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