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What do you think of this Valentines Day idea for my boyfriend?

so i decided to write things i love about him on little pieces of paper and then attach them to balloons and fill his whole room with them. do you think this is a good idea? i know its a little mushy but i think he will like it! any ideas to make it better??
we have been dating for around 5 months (haha i dont keep track to the day!)

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3 Responses to “What do you think of this Valentines Day idea for my boyfriend?”

  1. kurtiobst said:

    if it is a boyfriend of a while, its great. if its been a week.. a bit over the top.

    I think its great and I’d love that.

    want my address?

  2. S-L-Y said:

    awwwww that is a sweet and very creative idea. I like it. Its so cute. Hope he likes it too. Have an amazing valentine day.

  3. Chelsy. said:

    So cuutee!
    I did kind of the same thing last year for my boyfriend.
    I got a piece of paper, wrote down allll the things I Loved about him, & stuck them in this huuuge glass, vase like thing. He LOVED it. It even brought tears to his eyes, haha.
    Definitely do it! Oh. He & I were together eight months at that time, so you’re good on the time thing. It’s not too much.
    Have fun! & good luck!!


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