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What are your reading resolutions for 2011?

I find the whole enterprise of New Year’s resolution making extremely depressing. A have a stack of past resolutions shelved away somewhere in my mind, with other such vain ideas as discipline and persistence. But tradition compels me! So my resolution for 2011 is about books and reading, something innocuous and meager and attainable. I aim to read more non fiction.

How about you? Do you have any reading/writing resolutions? To conquer the literary greats, or perhaps your aim is to explore unfamiliar genres? More books, more diversity?

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7 Responses to “What are your reading resolutions for 2011?”

  1. *_ForOneNightOnly_* said:

    Haha yeah. I have a resolution to finish writing a series of books I’m working on.
    Answer mine??

  2. Wordsmith49 said:

    Read more, Write more. That’s all I do.


  3. Mars Mission Clarity said:

    To make some progress in the

    two courses I’m studying Dragonfly.

    And yours ?

    Best Wishes.

    Mars Mission.

  4. Danielle said:

    I have a list of 200 books of different genre’s. So I hope to read quite a few of them throughout the year.

  5. Vera Gabriele said:

    I always was an avid reader. I do love fiction but I also tackle the classics. Jane Eyre. I have a book about the Broente sister and their real life what it was like and that all of them died at such a young age from consumption and they all were talented writers. I will read that soon as it interests me. Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, I love ” the woman in white”. Jane Austen ”Sense and Sensibility” that’s my favourite of hers also was a great movie with Kate Winslet as Marianne and Emma Thompson as Elinor.

    I do love a good detective story. Dame Agatha Christie definitely is one of the best female detective fiction crime writers.

    I got a very useful book here which contains a lot of interesting things to know about life in general which is not fiction… it’s “”LOve your life” “Oprah Winfrey’s handbook for your best today and tomorrow.. it deals with health, Diet, menopause, beauty and style, going from ‘consumerism” back to basics of voluntary simplicity. The book deals with happiness, how to get out of being ”stuck in a rut” ”What if I’m scared of change?” Tips by Suze Orman about how to handle ones finances.
    ”spirtuality” about a troubled marriage and a couples journey to a more perfect union, amazing acts of heroism, ”what are animals thinking” (as experts now believe that animals share human feelings such as compassion and embarrassment. Pioneer families, Spousal abuse, about how to ”let the wall down” between a son or daughter and their parents.
    About starting with $ 100 and a dream and turning a modest gift into a dynamic little nonprofit, 36 scholarships, dozens of changed lives.. lots of inspirational and spiritual and some practical things to know all in this one book…

  6. TerryBanto said:

    Glad you asked, DF. For me, this is a sticky issue, and a nagging question. The internet has so captured my time and attention that I end up with too little time for ‘traditional book reading’. I’m embarrassed to say I only finished reading 3 books in 2010. Of course, I read a ton of things online all the time. And I read a lot of magazine articles, especially in the New Yorker. In 2011 I am vowing to read at least 4-6 non-fiction titles, and 3 or 4 novels. Also planning to read 5 or 6 plays or screenplays. And more poetry too. It’s all about time management and discipline. Happy New Year, DF!

  7. Meklar said:

    My first task is to finish reading a novel that I already started a few weeks ago, but got sidetracked on. After that, there are a number of other books I’d like to read soon, and I’d also like to finish the current story I’m writing.


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