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valentines day date new york city 2011?

So my boyfriend and I are trying to plan a romantic, fun date for valentines day this year. He wants me to plan it out and choose where we go but I have no idea. I’m not from the city but he is so it’s going to be hard. I was thinking that we should go somewhere in the city but have no idea where. So any suggestions would help a lot. I’m 19 and he’s 22. We basically just want to have fun and spend the whole day with each other. Please Help!!

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2 Responses to “valentines day date new york city 2011?”

  1. The Heart Bandits said :

    One thing I did that was SO fun was go on a NY scavenger hunt in SOHO. Check out Stray Boots in NYC. It is really fun and even if your from there it is fun. Google it!

  2. -Nick X- said :

    go to the nyc tourism website for ideas


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