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Being that it is 2011, is it expected for a Man to pay when on a date?

I would like Men to pay for me when we go out to eat and on dates…especially the first date, is this unreasonable? I am recently divorced (from a long relationship) and I am not sure what is the standard. Thanks.

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17 Responses to “Being that it is 2011, is it expected for a Man to pay when on a date?”

  1. Ballen_187 said:

    Its always, appreciated that you pay for your date. Never be cheap. Being “old fashioned” is a good quality to keep.

  2. Du Bay Area said:

    First date?nahhhh
    Ud might as well take all his money if u goin b thinking u aint paying for somethin

  3. K said:

    It depends on your and his beliefs. I would offer (guys like that) but usually he will pay after you offer

    Hope this helps!

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  4. Mistah Jay said:

    I always assume I’m going to pay. Honestly, when a girl offers to pay for her part, I start to wonder if she’s not having a good time and why she doesn’t feel comfortable with me paying.

    Just to be clear, I don’t mean I get super insecure, but the thought will cross my mind. If everything’s going well, I won’t be bothered at all. And I do agree that the asker should pay, I kind of neglected that part.

  5. mistaked said:

    I think whoever asks the other person out should do the paying for the first date.

    Mistah Jay: That’s definitely overanalyzing on your part. Most girls offer to pay for their share so as not to look like a jerk. I think it’s a problem if a girl never offers to pay for her share!

  6. Seeker said:

    Its not to say completly unreasonable,but I wouldnt expect someone to pay all my expenses on a date.Woman havent been fighting for equal rights for thousands of years to be dominated on a date just because it seems proper.Trying going dutch,split the bills and avoid the akward whose picking up the check moment,

  7. Christina said:

    I ALWAYS expect the guy to pay. Maybe i’m old fashioned, but a gentleman ought to pay.

  8. Diddled said:

    A guy should definitely pay… Its rude to take a girl for dinner and then let her pay her own meal… But take your purse just incase, you never know when the guy dumps the bill on you, just know if he did that, its the last he’s seing of you

  9. giovanni said:

    best course is to offer to pay for your half. A gentleman will appreciate the offer but pay for the date anyway.

  10. Abby Pratt said:

    Screw equal rights. That has nothing to do with it. If he asked you out, he better be paying!

  11. Stacie Nottingham said:

    The 1st date means everything. Dont squrew it upp. Always and Forever, paying on the first, date, and if you dont want to, dont ask her out!

  12. Cath said:

    Im a girl but i think HE SHOULD he should see u worth paying for ir u should dump him

  13. Timmay said:

    I always pick up the check on a first date, and I pick up the check whenever I’ve invited someone else out. But I don’t like it if a woman never offers to pay for anything, and at some point it should be more mutual. Like if we go out to eat and I pick up the dinner tab, I like it if she at least offers to pick up the movie tickets after. It’s not so much about the money (although one-way dating can be expensive) as it is the principle of doing things for each other.

  14. [email protected] said:

    If you’re a chivalrous guy, pay for the lady. However, in my opinion, the person who asks the other out should pay, which is usually the guy.

  15. ? said:

    It is a standard that the men always pay, but don’t be too cheap :).

  16. Katelyn said:

    “If women want to be treated equally, pay for your damn meal.”

    Depends on what message you want to send. I pay for my boyfriend and he pays for me. Sometimes we split the bill. I am an independant woman who can open her own doors, make the money to pay for her meal, and is intelligent enough to get and keep a job. It insults me when a man wants to “take care of me.”

  17. Mabe said:

    the man usually pays for the date,..and it is something that you need to think about and talk about..because as a woman, i would usually offer to take care of the tip, at least, if not split the bill, if i liked the guy, and knew a little of his situation too..and you can talk about that before your first date, and for the first date, just be prepared to pay for yours and half the tip..and all you have to say, is that you don’t go out much because you are starting your life in a different way, and the cost of it takes almost all you make, but that you would really like to go out with him more, if the both of you can come with different solutions to keep the cost down, and see what he says..with the economy the way it is, it is often a way to spend time together looking for places to go, later on, that maybe only require the cost of a tank of gas, and you split it, and take a picnic basket to the park and enjoy the day..bowling doesn’t usually cost much with a pizza and beer, a walk through a museum, you know an outdoor concert is usually going on downtown somewhere for free…your welcome..have fun!


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