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Safe to send earnings with valentines card?

I wanna send a pair of earnings i got for my valentine in the mail with the card i will send her. Is this safe? I mean will they reach to her? Has anyone done something like this before?
Ok how about through the regular mail? just putting them in with the card?

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2 Responses to “Safe to send earnings with valentines card?”

  1. TPmayne said :

    Yeah its safe, just make sure you don’t use USPS. Also, put a delivery confirmation on it and you are golden.

    USPS is known for stealing peoples things and then calling them liars when they say they didn’t get it. EVEN WITH THE DELIVERY CONFIRMATION.

    However, you will be fine with FedEx or UPS. They are worth the extra change.

    Good luck

  2. Pie said :

    Yes, it is. I have send a lot of them!


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