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Should I send him a Valentine’s card?

A few years ago when I was out with a friend, I met this guy, we hit it off instantly, had a snog etc & discovered that we live in the same street! The chemistry between us was electric! My friend, however, got very drunk, so I took her home to look after her, despite wanting to stay out with this guy! We swapped numbers but then I lost my phone (young, careless, etc.)

Anyway, now I’m 25 and he’s about 29, and we STILL live in the same street. We sometimes pass each other in street but only very occassionally, but every time we do pass, we chat for ages.

Last time I saw him was on Boxing Day at the corner shop & my heart wouldn’t stop racing when we were chatting. Now I can’t stop thinking about him and I’ve just realised that I really like him & want him to know. I’m sure he is single. I don’t know what his door number is because it’s a close, but could probably find out through the electoral roll.

Should I send a Valentine card?

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3 Responses to “Should I send him a Valentine’s card?”

  1. MsFatBooty!!!!! said:

    I would! Atleast he will know your thinking about him. Who knows maybe he’s the one for you and sending him a Valentine card will make him want to talk to you more. Good luck!!

  2. Blank said:
  3. dollhousegirl said:

    YES! for sureee!
    and personally i would use valentines day as a way of telling him how you feel…if yout talk for ages when you pass it sounds like he has feelings for you too!…best of luck!


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