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How to get someone to send you a valentines card?

Well for a couple of years ive been alone on Valentines and in school its really hard to get a boy to like you and im worried that if i don’t get a valentine people will think im ugly, especially boys. Girls don’t usually send valentine cards so just wondering how to get a boy to send you one?
Yeah I have a lot or guy friends but their all like idiots and act really stupid so i couldent count on asking them cause it would be embbbaaarising xx♥

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2 Responses to “How to get someone to send you a valentines card?”

  1. Sachi P said:

    Do you have a guy friend?
    Sometime on valentine day i have my guy friends send me a card or something. Just because their really awesome
    or i know this gonna sound really babyish but send one to yourself. but say its a secret admire to your girlfriends. good luck

  2. Laura Smith said:

    your love will occur soon . please be patient to wait for .because you have the high demand about the friends then make you still find one you like . but I believe if believe the love then could make the dream come true .


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