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Is it acceptable to send a Valentine’s card by email?

I want to send a girl I really like a Valentine’s card but at the moment she lives a hundred miles or so away so I’m not able to give it to her in person. I was wondering if sending a card by email would still have the same impact and whether it would come across as creepy?

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3 Responses to “Is it acceptable to send a Valentine’s card by email?”

  1. Kate said:

    just send it:) or through the post
    answer mine please

  2. jolie said:

    yes.. tell her you saved a tree!

  3. Love said:

    Can you mail it to her? It’s more meaningful when it’s a tangible card, but either way I’m sure she’ll appreciate it if she already likes you back…if you’ve been stalking her for months, then yeah it’ll come off as creepy haha.


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