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romantic valentines date?

so tonight i met a woman at her house and brough her flowers for her as well as her 5 year old baby girl. she’s 27, i’m 22..but we connected really well, and she is drop dead gorgeous. We had an amazing shrimp pasta, and I brought over a perfect mix of love songs for us to listen to. I ended the night by tucking her little girl into bed and reading her a bed time story. Then we watched a movie and had chocolate strawberries. We really wanted to have more romance, but I didn’t want to wake up her little girl. How long should I wait before our next date? Does anyone else find this romantic..or is it cheesey??

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6 Responses to “romantic valentines date?”

  1. IfunewwhoIwasuwilwantmyautograph said:

    cheesy as my macaroni naw f*ckin with u

  2. Caitlin B said:

    It’s the perfect amount of cheesy. It’s super PERFECT. I’m sure when she saw you reading to her girl, she was shocked. That’s just amazing. I wish boys were like that. lol I say go on date around sunday.

  3. ray chelle said:

    it sounds like a fun date! and how cute that you read her baby a bed time story! show’s that you’re “in” with the family. you shouldn’t have to wait too long. call her the next day and ask if she’d like to do it again .. if she says yes, then you can go from there! =D

    best of luck!!

  4. dj s said:

    alittle cheezy but she probably enjoyed it because aleast she wasnt alone v-day

  5. CraZy said:

    it’s not romantic, but it is ssssssssooooooooooooooooo perfect. a man who will do that is the perfect guy. as a “child” myself, i’m 13, i love when my mom’s boyfriends are really nice to me, like you were. this one time this guy got my sister and i a box of chocolates and flower for valentine’s day. he got my mom the same thing, but her package had jewelry. i liked him, but i knew something was totally wrong. He happened to have a so of his own, who happened to be my bf at the time. oops! i didn’t meet his parents until he thought i was worth it. once again oops! my mom and I both broke up with our bfs. any who, that’s not cheesy at all.

  6. m_bajalan said:

    14 Feb.


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