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what is the most romantic music for dinner date this coming valentines day?

i plan for a dinner date this coming valentines.what do you think is the best background music (smooth and very romantic) and what is the most romantic gift?

need it now plss help…10 pts!!!

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3 Responses to “what is the most romantic music for dinner date this coming valentines day?”

  1. cherrytree said:

    nice dinner music you can play some Italian tenor stuff… or like Andre Bochelli (spelling is off I think). Very smooth and romantic. For a gift… roses are the best in my opinion.

  2. Black Sal said:

    For music: My favorite classical piece for passion is Beethoven’s Eroica, or Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet, but I would also go for some Spanish guitar, or piano, smooth jazz type, maybe Marc Anthony. You might be able to listen to samples on Amazon. Then some schmaltzy slow dancing numbers after dinner when you might want to get close and move real slow.

    For a gift, you don’t say whether you are buying for a male or a female For a female … roses are kinda traditional … though I prefer tulips personally. Chocolates are also traditional. Roses die and chocolates get eaten, however. The most romantic gift is one that you can wear and will always hold the memory of that night. For me that would be a small pendant on a chain. No junk, it has to be real silver or gold, and there are some really good bargains on jewelry right now. If the pendants are more than you want to pay for, just get the chain. A bracelet would be good too.

    If you are buying for a guy, I’d still go for the chain (what’s up with that, is it some sub-conscious thing about ties that bind? What’s wrong with me?) but maybe a masculine chunky bracelet. Or a watch?

  3. MeMe said:

    you need to go back in the old days like back to sexually healing and back to Luther Vandross and all them all singer but the one you might have more fun With would have to probably be Ginuwine, Usher, and boys to men


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