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whats a fun romantic valentines date?

just trying to get some ideas

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6 Responses to “whats a fun romantic valentines date?”

  1. sweet eyes said:

    go to dinner and a movie.. its kinda originial but i like it

  2. Jimena G said:

    Go 2 dinner, then go on a walk in the park, then go get icecream!

  3. :) said:

    going to old folks home to pass out roses

  4. tracyhide said:

    an indoor picnic, a concert, nice dinner, fixing a meal together, walk on the beach (if you’re anywhere close), making and eating cookies together, eating fruit together (so many romantic things have food involved!)

  5. big_glz_don_cry said:

    if theres some where close you can go swimming and if the weather permits swimming can be very romantic

  6. Musix said:

    idk where u are, but the beach is always nice. Find out sunset times and go then.


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