Ok so I have like no friends and I need help?

Ok I am a 15 year old white boy I live in a small town, I’m home schooled, I don’t go to church(going to a new one in two weeks I’ll try my best to make friends there) their is a mall here, I can’t really go much places because I have to get my parents to bring me anywhere, what should I do to make some friends? (don’t say Internet either because I have to much friends there I’m tired of it)

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5 Responses to “Ok so I have like no friends and I need help?”

  1. Bob said:

    Start to socialize, make others think that you are interesting enough to talk to. Grow some self-confidence and don’t be afraid to have a casual chat with a random stranger at the food court in the mall. If you see someone with same interest as you start talking to them, but don’t be creepy to them.

  2. Mon amie!!!!!!!! said:

    that’s sad. you should try to find people with similar interests. suppose, you’re interested in basketball. maybe, if you have a basket ball court near your house, you could go there and ask some of the people there if you can join them. that would be a good start. 🙂

  3. Andrew Smith said:

    …You intend to make friends at church? Wow, you are desperate.

    Why dont you just go to the mall and make friends there and get the phone and email details and contact them through there? Besides, what’s wrong with internet friends?

    As for getting to town:
    -Bike, scooter, skates, rollerblades
    -walk, jog, run

  4. Ashly said:

    Are there any kids in your street ? Neighbors have any kids ?

  5. Queen Integrity said:

    Well, since you’ll be going to a new church in a couple of weeks . . . this will be a good start. I knew plenty people who were home schooled. If you interested in sports, music, etc., there are local or community sports clubs or bands, etc. Also, see if there’s a local boys & girls club. Find something that you love to do & see if there is an organization w/i your community. Also, there are recreational centers, camps. There are plenty of ways to meet new positive people. Wish you the best & many blessings!!!


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