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My 2 month old just had her vaccinations 1 week ago and has slept all day for 3 days should I be concerned?

Sleeps through night and is sleeping through day. Appetite may be a little decreased.

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6 Responses to “My 2 month old just had her vaccinations 1 week ago and has slept all day for 3 days should I be concerned?”

  1. Hanna's Mommie said:

    Umm any differant behavior that your child is producing you need to tell the doctor ASAP! my little one sleeps all day on shot days but 3 days???? NO WAY

  2. ~proud mommy 2 Kaiden!~ said:

    sleeps ALL the time? not good……

  3. ajkep said:

    Is she losing weight? If she sleeps at night, and seems to sleep more during the day, my only concern would be if she’s getting enough to drink!
    Most kids that age tend to sleep alot though. My second two were like that till they got mobile.
    If there are any other problems-overly fussy, not eating at all–anything that worries you, I’d take it up with the doctor. Just sleeping wouldn’t bother me much though!

  4. Abrexa said:

    I was told they may be tired the day they get the shot. I would give the pediatrician a call especially since her appetite is decreasing.

  5. Eclipse said:

    call your doctor not YA and my son and daughter slept all the time at two months but call your doc if you are concerned

  6. rachel j said:

    if i were you I’d call my babies doctor Right away. You never know with vaccinations. Babies can react differently with them. It could be nothing or something that needs to be checked out. My son slept for the first two days after is 2 month vacs but he made up for eating on the third day after and things continued to be good. If his appetite is decreasing and he just wants to sleep then i would be a little concerned. you know your baby best. is this unusual behavior for your baby?


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