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How much should I pay a cleaner per week?

I have a 12 month old, and I work an hour away. My husband works many hours, and I use my weekends to clean up. Sometimes I get it done and sometimes I don’t. I love having a clean house, so I get frustrated when I can’t completed all the tasks I set my mind to. Anyway, we are planning to pay someone to come in once a week to clean up. How much do you think would be a reasonable amount to pay her per week? Thanks in advance.
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3 Responses to “How much should I pay a cleaner per week?”

  1. MammaOf2 said :

    I pay $110 per week for a 2700sf house with a bonded cleaning company. The main variables are the size of the house, and whether it’s just some person coming in, or someone who is bonded and insured.

  2. janey + 1 said :

    A good living wage. If i were in your situation, i might call around to cleaning agencies in the area, just to see what they charge for their services to get an idea.
    Cleaning is not a fun job, and it is not a nice job. But then again, parenting isn’t always either 🙂
    I would say at least $9 an hour, because it is her time and energy, and clearly it is valuable to you!!

  3. Melissa P said :

    I run a cleaning company out of my home, and I can tell you that the main factor will the be the size of your home. My company charges anywhere from $65 for smaller homes up to $150 for homes in excess of 3,000 sq feet. I would take the advise of the previous poster and call around to your local cleaning companies. Most will give you a free quote over the phone.


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