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How much money should a parent spend on their kids clothes?

My mom took me back to school shopping, and we left with 4 shirts, 2 shorts, and 2 jeans. It cost about $150. Is my mom cutting it cheap or am i overreacting? These are the only clothes that I’ve been bought in about a year. Am I being too whiny?

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7 Responses to “How much money should a parent spend on their kids clothes?”

  1. Majestic said :

    Depends on how much money the family brings in, 150$ is quite a bit on clothes in our family but we don’t make a lot, if you want more clothes then that go to a cheaper store and don’t buy expensive brand names, that is normally what runs up the bill.

  2. Loon said :

    I think that is pretty generous. If you want more clothes, buy them for yourself at a thrift shop or Old Navy or Target.

  3. Hanna said :

    my parents spent about 350

  4. Jia said :

    For my daughter to go back to school we just make sure that she has enough. It isn’t about the money as much as having things that she needs. They include 2 pairs of shoes, 3 jeans, a skirt, a dress, leggings, 3 laying long sleeve shirts, 5 t shirts, 5 sweaters or sweatshirts and a winter coat. As long as you think you have want you need for school then it should be fine, but it does seem like you will need a few more shirts. You don’t have enough to cover a week. Did you get shoes? If that is all your parents can afford now I would leave the subject alone, but if they can afford a few more things it might be worth talking to them about it.

  5. tickles said :

    That is pitiful. You need to get one of those secret santa helpers or something.

  6. just me said :

    I buy cloths for 5 kids every season. What you may not realize cloths are very expensive. Between the 5 kids I usually spend about $200 per child (and thats for a weeks worth of cloths for each of them). I would try shopping somewhere a little cheaper. Try Old Navy and JcPennies I always find good bargens there. Not to sound so mom like but you need to realize how much your mom probley does for you. Also check out platos closet. (I don’t think your being whiny, I was your age once.)

  7. Lisa S said :

    With times being so tight, it requires a bit of inventiveness to make money stretch. It sounds like your mom might have money issues, so try and give her a break here. No one wants to be “cheap” with their kid, but if the money isn’t there…there isn’t much you can do.


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