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How much should I be paid to babysit these kids?

I will be babysitting my 11 year old sister with her two 10 year old friends. I will be babysitting from 7:00 pm to 12:30 am. I’m not expected to feed them, they were already fed. I am 14. How much should I be paid since there are three kids and 5 1/2 hours.
Also, these girls are very well behaved, and I know them well since they are my sister’s friends, so its not too hard too babysit them, we just watch movies and eat and do nails.

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15 Responses to “How much should I be paid to babysit these kids?”

  1. Shelly F said:

    $2/hour per child, if the other children aren’t sisters ($6/hour). If they are sisters then it would be $2/ hour for your sister and $3/hour for the other girls ($5/hour).

  2. Ana S said:

    5$ to 10$ an hour

  3. eldoradodave said:

    $25 a kid an hr

  4. ♥Keetta♥ said:

    Well since one is your sister, you should just do that because she is your sister. For the other two kids you should get $30 a piece for each for the night. These are not babies. They can do a lot of things for themselves. Plus, they should not be up the whole 5 1/2 hours. I’m sure they have a bedtime……

  5. **Mr. A** said:

    lol, like $10 for her friends and either none or #5 for ur sister

    and thats per hour….
    3 kids r hard especially until midnight?
    how old r u?cuz they should not expect u to do it if u like 14
    wat r the parents doing?gambling lol

  6. freshslate328 said:

    Your sister should be free or very little since most parents won’t pay that much. However, the other two should cost about $6/hr since they are fed and you won’t have to put them to bed or will you?

  7. just me said:

    $2.00/hour for your sister

    $3.00/hour for the other 2 kids

    11.00 for your sis

    33.00 bucks total for the other 2 girls

    So, 44.00 in all.

  8. jbird said:

    none 4 ur sis !

    5 for each child an hr !

  9. Prodigy556 said:

    I would say since the kids are older and do not need the care a much younger child would than $8/hr would be realistic. These girls are going to probably be watching tv, etc and then go to bed. You don’t have to get them dinner, prepared for bed, diaper changes, story time, etc. You are pretty much there to be a body in the house because the 10 and 11 year olds are too young to be alone.

  10. momblessedx5 said:

    I would say $30 for that maybe even 20 because you are basically just keeping an eye on them. Its not like you are doing anything really except making sure they don’t get in trouble.

  11. Brickiesgirl said:

    well I am a “babysitter” too and I charge $1.00 per child and then about $3-$5. hour its kinda complicated but it works and the parents find it to be a reasonable price too. Well hope everything goes Okay and the kids dont break anything or hurt anyone…:)

  12. piscesgurl310 said:

    I would say about $5-$7/hr per child (non sibling). Are the other kids parents ok with this. To me 14 is still pretty young. I would want the babysitter to atleast be 16 and have a liscense just in case of an emergency.

  13. nrg_drink_lover said:

    The key is, if you charge too much, the parent/guide will not want you to babysit again. I would go with $30 for the whole night. If the parent/guide offers to give you more, that would be fantastic. Just DON’T be silly and charge like $10 an hour per kid.

  14. chef L said:

    if you are babysitting alone:$10=20+

    not alone:10-15 dollars

    i babysit and i think that these are fair prices

    good luck

  15. Colleen O said:

    Why would you be babysitting at all? They are old enough to not need a babysitter.


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