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How much milk should a 3-year-old get per day AND what are the signs and treatment of worms?

My toddler had some noodles and then milk immediately after about 7:30 pm and around 11 pm she started crying loudly and then vomited. I believe it’s because she ate too much and then had milk soon after. What I need to know is exactly how much milk is required for a 3-year-old especially since we are vegetarian and milk is one of our source of protein. How do u know when your child has worms and what are the treatment?

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4 Responses to “How much milk should a 3-year-old get per day AND what are the signs and treatment of worms?”

  1. megalus03 said :

    Places I have read for the milk is 16 ounces or 2 cups a day!
    Not sure about worms…

  2. Christina W said :

    2 cups a day or 3 cups. I would call your Doctor about the worm thing.

  3. Sara(1st baby.due.dec.31st.) said :

    I work at a Dr’s office and there have been a couple kids diagnosed with pinworms lately. You can usually tell by child scratching at their tush and their rectal area is red. Some moms will put a piece of tape on child’s bum and check it in the morning. You will actually be able to see the worms on the tape. They’re really tiny and there are usually a lot of them.

  4. Strength Coach Guy said :

    i would guess the vomiting is from lactose intolerance, not overconsumption. vegetarian diets are very damaging to children so she is likely deficient in dietary fats, proteins, vitamin d, and iron. I have never seen healthy bloodwork on a vegetarian child. you need to get her on a lactose free supplement like onesource optimal nutrition.


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