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I am pregnant with my third child and I feel guilty that I should have adopted instead. Anyone felt this way?

My husband and I planned to have 3 children. Now that I’m already pregnant I feel guilty that I’m contributing to world overpopulation. There are so many children that need a home, I feel I should have adopted a child that is already here, rather than bring a new one into the world.

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7 Responses to “I am pregnant with my third child and I feel guilty that I should have adopted instead. Anyone felt this way?”

  1. House Mouse said:

    I have never felt that way but I only have one child so far but I am planning on having another one. GOOD LUCK!

  2. areyouwhoyouare said:

    Girl seriously coming from someone who CANNOT have children you are so blessed to be able to consider yourself lucky, I wish I could be in your shoes! So don’t think negatively about it..its a wonderous thing and you get to be a part of it every step of the way…once again I cannot tell you just how lucky I think you are!

  3. Kylie said:

    Just take good care of your 3 children, give them lots of love and attention, feed them well and appreciate that you are able to have children. Good luck!!

  4. xdarkcloudhowlx said:

    At least you care about this world, some people don’t seem to know or even care about it, I think it is somewhat selfish, but at least you realize things like this.

  5. perfection said:

    I don’t have any children and I had always planned on adopting because for me personaly insissting on giving birth just seems a lil selfish when there are plenty unwanted children I could raise as my own. But I say that to say this, you made your decision and were blessed with the children you have, you should not feel guilty, you should love your children and raise them to be great adulte.

    Congrats & best of luck!

  6. lacey said:

    There is no easy way to answer your question. However, I will say this. You are bringing a child into this world, with the best of intentions and love in your heart. You made the decision to have this child. There is no need to feel guilty about not adopting one. Adoption is a personal choice that is made by people who have always believed in it. There are people like me, who have always wanted to adopt children, because of reasons that are related to physical ability and biology. But that is a choice and a course of action born out of a state of deep contemplation. Will I be able to handle the feelings of rejection when my child asks me who her ‘real’ parents are? Will I be able to face the hurt in my child’s eyes when she asks why she was abandoned?

    Adoption is a wonderful thing. But having your own biological child is also wonderful. You should not regret bringing this new life into the world. Enjoy your time and cherish this life. No one knows what the future will bring. Perhaps this child will change the lives of many people in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. Put your mind at rest.

  7. sherry k said:

    nah honey, there is nothing that u need to feel guilty about. stop worrying about the man in the world, because god gave u a gift so that the world may go on, u should not feel any guilt.if everyone stopped having children there would be no future, you did not hit these women over the head and tell them to give up their children, you did not put them in unfortunate circumstances where they had to find alternative ways to give their children better lives, they did a good thing by giving their children ( who are already born ) an option by placing them in capeable hands, don’t you feel guilty about a gift that so many women would die to have. just love ur new addition to the family and if later on you feel the same way, and if then and then only are you finacialy and mentally stable hey, why not add another addition to the bundle by adopting. i cant have any more children, by choice because i just had my last one in march this year and i tied off my tubes, now i feel what if…. but if i truly wanted another i will adopt…..but don’t beat ur self up over something you want and found other ways of getting it. like they say …. there is always room for more. don’t stress, take it easy and enjoy ur pregnancy.. because this may be ur last pregnancy, take it easy and get pampered, don’t sweat the small stuff life goes on. when he or she is older, you’ll be wanting another baby in the house because this one grew up and is taking his/ or her independance in the world….so on that note congrats and take care of urself….. we wouldn’t want to see u in one of our ” ER” s with high blood pressure and fetal distress….take care….


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