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How to I bring home a boy to overlyprotective indian parents?

I have overprotective indian parents. They won’t let me go out, sleepover my friends houses, wear skinny strap clothes, nor wear shorts. And I’m not even aloud to have a boyfriend. I finally convicnced my parents to meet the boy I have liked forever. I told them he was a very nice boy, which he really is. He can’t get any better. Although, I’m scared that my parents will drill him and not allow me to date him.What should I do?

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7 Responses to “How to I bring home a boy to overlyprotective indian parents?”

  1. dark_angel said:

    oh god, at least your parents agreed to met the guy. my parents say i can’t date until im in university (i didn’t listen). But i understand how scared you must be. And really can’t believe you are brave enough to do that. lolz ur my role model 😀

  2. christine said:

    Explain all of this to your boyfriend first about your family traditions. He will respect you for it.

  3. Daniel said:

    big problem but I wouldn’t worry I doubt that your parents will cause that kind of problem in fact they may just like him enough to let you date him

  4. Jani <3 said:

    Same story except my parents are Greek-Syrian. I would be scared out of my mind to bring home a boy to them. They assume I’ll get pregnant, and they’re strict Chrstians…When he comes make sure that he isn’t too shy, because then your parents will be doing all the talking. And thats just terrible.

  5. Kevin said:

    just ignore your parents

    answer my question?

  6. elfie said:

    I have a good sense of experience from where you coming from. Seeing that you have made it clear of intentions to your parents about bringing the boy home and meeting them, there is little that you can do now with them, except that push on the fact that you are serious with him, and he means that much to you. Keep in mind that their behaviour is because they love you, even though that is not how it seems.

    The more important thing here is preparing the boy himself. Tell him what your parents are like, and what he should expect. Be clear, and serious. Sure, it might scare him off, but if he truely is going to be the one, then this would be a good practice ground for him to prepare for whats coming in future.

  7. Joe K said:

    Take the risk. It’s your life not theirs. Just be careful and responsible. They care about you and are only trying to protect you…


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