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How long did it take you to get a postivie home pregnancy test?

I am two weeks late and i tested a week ago and got a negative. I dont know if i should bother testing again or just wait for my period.

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18 Responses to “How long did it take you to get a postivie home pregnancy test?”

  1. sara97a said :

    sometimes home pregnancy tests can give a false negative. i would test again and if that comes up positive or negative again go to your doctor to get an official pregnancy test.

  2. Dragon05Lady said :

    See your doctor, they will do a blood test

    Maybe your caculations were off

  3. Hendrixj said :

    I was two weeks late when I took my test – it turned positive even before I could finish “my business” and time the test. But there are some people that get negative results when they are pregnant and vice versa. If you are usually really regular, I would either make a doctor’s appointment to test or buy another home test.

  4. jennifertrinitysky said :

    take another one it couldve been too early or i recommend going to your doctors and having a blood test done

  5. Kandie B said :

    i was only 2 days late when i tested and my positive showed up within 2 seconds… i would wait a few more days and test again or go to the doctor

  6. Jennifer H said :

    I was a week late and took the test and about 30sec. later it was a bright positive!!

  7. LittleRoo said :

    Try another test. I got quite a few false negatives because it was too early. The pregnancy hormones can be too low to have been detected on your first try….

    Good luck!

  8. award said :

    i tested when i was 14 days late.i peed on the stick, set it down, wiped, stood up and was pulling up my pants when i glanced down at the test and it was already positive. but from what i understand, you can get false negitives.wait and try again.

  9. jrcurtis7413 said :

    If you can stand to wait, wait another week. If no signs of period, then test again. Try using a First Response pg Test. It can give you result up to five day before your missed period.

  10. bodecia said :

    i had 2 negative home tests and another negative from my doctor yet i knew i was pregnant and eventually i got a positive result about 3 weeks later

  11. Mel said :

    i got my positive results straight away repeat the test in 2 weeks if no period go 2 docs

  12. christine h said :

    well 13 yrs ago when my daughter camm arround .I was almost 10 weeks before I got a posative test result but that was 13 yr 9 months pluss yrs ago test have gotten a lot better sence thein

  13. mrs.jones said :

    depends which type of test you got. Take another one.

  14. Tracy A said :

    It took me just about two months before I found out that I was pregnant. I kept going in for pregnacny tests and doing home pregnancy tests, but they all came out negative and then, the second week of October 2005 I found out that I was pregnant. I would go back in for another pregnancy test at the end of the week to get another test done. If that one comes out negative then wait until the first of March and try another test. I hope that everything will work out for you and hopefully you won’t have to wait to much longer on finding out. Because it does get stressful thinking you are and then your not.

  15. maya said :

    i think you should go for a blood test because home tests can be wrong sometimes

  16. mamai326 said :

    some home test kits may be defective and the resluts can come out a false-negative or false-positive. you could try another brand. or simply go to the ob/gyn and get a blood test.

  17. gingerchime said :

    Wait 2-3 days or so and test again and if it’s negative go see your doctor. Sometimes tests have false negative results and they can do blood test that will definitely confirm if you’re pregnant. And if you’re not they can figure out what’s going on.
    Oh – and also go see your doctor if it turns out positive in a few days 😉
    Good luck! (I know the hardest part is waiting…)

  18. Soinlove said :

    I took it the day of my first missed period. I knew from other signs something was off. My nails were brittle and I was really nauseous. It also depends on how regular you are. If you are consistant, it might just take a little longer.


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