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How should I go about telling our parents about our pregnancy?

My husband and I are expecting our first child and want a creative way to tell our parents about the pregnancy. It will be my moms first grand child and the 3rd on my husbands side. Any ideas? I want it to be fun and surprising.

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3 Responses to “How should I go about telling our parents about our pregnancy?”

  1. ~*9 Months And 1 day pregnant*~ said :

    What to do with your side , is give them a card , and put in something about a baby inside of it , and say Your going to be a grandpa / grandma! Thats what i did 🙂

  2. Nikki♥ Hannah June Due 05/01/10♥ said :

    If either have a bday coming up give them a “happy birthday grandma[pa]” card.

    If you plan on waiting a month or so you could do the same for Valentine’s Day.

    Or you could go over with a bag and say “hey guys I wanted your help with something” pull out a blue onesie and a pink onesie and ask “so which do you think?”

  3. Michelle Allison90 said :

    Get a picture frame from the dollar store that says “grandma” or “grandpa” or “baby” and put in the picture slot a paper saying “coming to a hospital near you August 2010” or whatver your date it 🙂



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