How do you react when there are cameras in your house with your parents watching?

I’m going to a different city for college and my parents purchased a house and they are currently having cameras set up in it. I don’t know what I should say.

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24 Responses to “How do you react when there are cameras in your house with your parents watching?”

  1. brokenmuffinz said:

    Um, wow.
    that is so wrong.

  2. super b said:

    Tell the police your farther is a convicted pervert

  3. !cutelilzina2006! said:

    i think that it is an invasion of privacy for them to put cameras up in your house yes it is nice they bought you a house they do have to watch every single move you take i wouldnt except the house i would save up for my own home with no cameras

  4. shaydoe said:

    I’ll never gonna bring my girlfriend into my room.Try install cameras in your father’s room,look how he reacts.

  5. and after said:

    thats real silly and shows some lack of trust on their part.i think u should keep showing the middle finger to the cam and get them

  6. spidermonkeyfingers said:

    that is the kookiest thing i have ever heard of..are they crazy or is there a reason..thats just weird..poor you…i would realy demand they not put one in your rude..if they go ahead with it anyway, i would fart, pick my nose and just be absolutly disgusting and rude…

  7. lovingmomhappykids said:

    Now that would depend intirely on what you have done to cause your parents distrust. And also where the cameras are located. Do you live in the house? Is there a camera in your bedroom. What is there intention is it security or to watch you. If it is to watch you than I am guessing there is history you are not telling us about. As a Parent your parents are responsible for everything going on under there roof. You are a college student, If you dont like it get a job and MOVE OUT. But since you seem to be along for the free ride your parents can do what they like.

    I am sick of ungrateful kids complaining there parents dont respect their privacy to do illegal and immoral things under the roof the parents are paying for. You have no right to privacy you do not pay for. You have no right to trust you dont earn. I have no need for cameras in my home because my children would never do anything illegal or immoral under my roof. But if I needed to install them to save my childs life I would do it in a heart beat because I LOVE MY CHILDREN ENOUGH TO ANGER THEM TO GIVE THEM A BETTER LIFE.

    I have a feeling the details are limited because you are unable to admit the reason you are upset about the cameras is because you can not hide the things you should not be doing in the first place.

  8. armybratincamo said:

    For me, I would begin to think that they don’t trust me. I would definitely talk to them about it and find out why they would put cameras all over the house! That sounds like Family Big Brother. Lol I would be concerned.

  9. SME said:

    you are going to live in that house?! i wouldnt allow it. that is wrong and he should get into trouble. if you are old enough for college he should not be doing that it is soo wrong in sooo many ways.

  10. lillers94 said:

    that is so wrong!!you should take them out see if they find out!!That is so gross!!

  11. roxy_me_04 said:

    thats a little creepy…Ask them what the cameras are for. thats definately an invasion of privacy. thats not right talk to them about it!

  12. the scientist said:

    I hope there are no cameras in your room or the bathroom. That would be just plain wrong. But if the cameras are in the hallway to your room or in the living room, then maybe it’s just their way of wanting to keep you safe. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to call them often, but they still want to know how you’re doing. Kinda twisted method, but hey, they’re your parents. As long as they’re paying your tuition and and you’re living on their money, you play by their rules. If you can’t take it, get your own place and be independent.

    But I think you should sit down and talk to them. They might be security cameras, and you’re up in a rage over nothing. If they really did that to keep watch over you, then you should ask why. Get to the root of the problem.

  13. emma12704 said:

    spray the lenses of the cameras with black spray paint

  14. kristlynn said:

    thats not right.. take them down.. thats a total invasion of privacy… it should be against the law.. personally i would be like fu** you!! and i would rip them down…

  15. AlphaOmegabird said:

    This should be an act of utter defiance. You might not even stay there, but I would at least at first. Keep the lights off in every room except the one you’re in, and try to find and cover up the cameras where you are. You might also get immense pleasure out of painting over the camera lenses. When your parents raise a stink, and they will, pull out and move somewhere else.

  16. riannalorelle said:

    definitely an invasion of privacy…and kida weird…no LOTTA WEIRD. sorry, tell them how you feel, and that its really not normal.

  17. REDLAKEDOG said:

    AMEN lovingmomhappykids!

  18. Hot Stuff said:

    You have the right of privacy when you turn the age 18… So you can contact the police even though its there house…

  19. swtgrl605 said:

    I cover ours with black electrical tape, and just say they went out if they ask, my dad has never asked cuz they’re not supposed to be up and he doesnt want to blow his cover with everyone else, of which ive told them but they dont believe me

  20. :.:SiTTiN.:.PrEttY:.: said:

    y are they thats fucked up tell them thats creepy

  21. cyber_music said:

    Move out and live with people that aren’t so F**king weird. seriously, your parents have issues.

  22. Libby said:

    My parents installed cameras in our house also but theyre only in the entrance way, front and back yards and rooms that have entrance from outside. Its not creepy and done b/c ur parents hate u and dont respect ur privacy!!!! Its done for safety issues.

  23. Bookgal said:

    Tell them that you do not feel comfortable in a place where you are being watched. If you say you will not visit them if they install the cameras, they will probably agree not to put them in certain rooms – your room, the bathroom(s), etc. If they refuse, visit them but stay with a friend, in a motel or hotel, or only do bit visits where you do not stay the night.

  24. exquisite pianist said:

    You lodge a report on infringement of human rights to privacy.


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