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How to convince my girlfriend not to chill with other guys?

My girlfriend and I have been dating for four months. She said she wants the freedom to chill with anyone she wants and not hurt me, but it’s obvious why her wanting to chill with other guys would discomfort me. Especially alone. Why would she need to chill with other guys alone if she has a boyfriend? Doesn’t she see how that’s weird? Most guys wouldn’t even chill with a taken girl alone, right?

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12 Responses to “How to convince my girlfriend not to chill with other guys?”

  1. EminemLover said:

    Jealous much?? Chill, she said she wouldnt do anything, we girls prefer to hang out with guys much more then girls SOMETIMES, because there is less drama, just calm down

  2. medzthemedik said:

    not right. you should trust her if you’ve gone out that long.

  3. Marissa said:

    Most guys will chill with a taken girl alone. You should trust her. She won’t do anything, and if she would, why would you want to date her? Don’t try to control her, that’s where abuse comes from.

    If you really try to be controlling, you might loose her.

  4. sadeyes said:

    she shouldn’t be doing this especially not alone no one knows what could happen even if you trust her you cant trust the other guys..tell her that this wont help in keeping a strong and good relationship between you two..and let her put herself in your shoes she wouldn’t like it if you went out with girls alone.. i mean it would be okay if she went out with her girlfriends to see some guy friends every once in a while.. but not like often

  5. Zee ♥ said:

    Yes, true. You have every right to question this. I mean, I would NOT chill out with another guy since I have a boyfriend, I see no point in this, and it is disrespectful. The only guy I chilled out with is someone who is at work right in his office, where everyone can see us, just a normal chat, about life and work, and I even told my boyfriend about it.

    I know this isn’t about trust, because I also trust my boyfriend but would not be comfortable with him sitting around with other girls, while he has me, and he should dedicate that wasted time with the other girls FOR ME. Try to confront your gf, see what she says – if she loves you enough, she will listen, if not, then you know what’s the deal.

    And don’t let anyone tell you that you are being controlling because you’re not and I feel you – you’re just not comfortable and that’s okay.

  6. Breeanna said:

    Im in really serious relationship
    me and my boyfriend have been going out for over a year now. And i hang with a lot of guys sometimes just me and them. Most of my friends are guys because i dont like all the drama that comes with girls. And maybe she wants to chill with other guys just because she doesnt wanna chill with girls and needs a break from you. Yall cant hang 24/7 thats what ruins relationships because yall get bored with eachother. But i would talk to her how you feel about it and try to see why she hangs with guys.

  7. Dylan Miller said:

    Yeahh . Ok Maybe I Casn See It If Theyre Bestfriends & Theyve Been Friends Forr A Very Long Time But If Shes Jus HAnging Out W. A Bunch Of Guys Alone All The Time Thats Not A Goood Thangg.
    I Reccomend You Ask her How She Wud Feel .
    && If She Says She DOnt Care Just Do The Same Thinggg , Sheelll Change Her Mind (;

  8. -- ßëå§T BØi -- said:

    You know something budy , My Cousin Brother Advised me something one day i am gonna put that , tell her that , maybe it will work

    He Said

    ” You know What is the world Most Precious thing . its a Girl , and you know what is the Most Cheap thing in the World ? its also a Girl . It is Precious when she is surrounded by only 4 Men in her life

    1. Her Dad
    2. Her Brother
    3. Her Husband
    4. Her Son

    .. and if other Then these 4 Relationship , any other relationship came to her .. then she become most cheap thing in the world so Remember That ”

    Men this Advised Almost Changed my Life , and i hope it will yours too .. try this to your G.F maybe she would Understand the reality

  9. Irene Hernandez said:

    First no disrespect but this is your male ego taking over your emotions. First of all if you trust your girlfriend there should be no problem but you dont thats when jealousy comes in. Its not weird guys have friends that are girls all the time and hang out with them so do women its perfectly normal. What isnt so normal is to be possesive of her. It gets boring and frustrating when you have to change your life because your boyfriend cannot trust you. Talk about it tell her that you feel uncomfortable maybe that talk can help you over come some insecurities you have with her. Its only been 4 months and trust is sometimes hard to build but without trust there cant be a well established and healthy relationship. Oh and guys hang out with taken girls lots of times.

  10. One Armed Scissor said:

    Guys and girls can be just friends.
    Most of my friends are guys and I wouldn’t date any of them.

  11. Joy said:

    I agree that she shouldn’t be hanging out alone with other guys. Whenever I feel really comfortable with a guy and I have a pretty good connection with him, I honestly don’t even think about other guys..and I cant really look at other guys the same way. I usually don’t even notice them. Doesn’t sounds like she’s that into you. All I can say is ask her if she would be mad at you if you started hanging out with other girls alone. If she says she wouldn’t care she’s lying. Start hanging out with some girls to show her how it feels and if she gets jealous tell her that’s how you feel when she is with other guys.

  12. Dan said:

    Don’t listen to people saying you shouldn’t be jealous, every relationship is different. Some people can have a relationship for a long time while hanging alone with the opposite sex and be fine with it, i on the other hand wouldn’t like if my gf hung with other guys alone, and the same way with her. If its for a serious reason than its fine but i don’t see why it is irrational for a guy or girl not wanting there bf/gf hanging out with the opposite sex alone. for me its not a trust issue at all (it’s been a healthy year and a half relationship for me) and isn’t jealousy either. everyone has their own priorities in a relationship and if your gf’s don’t line up with yours than she or you can either change them or be done with each other. its not good to be in a relationship when you aren’t on the same terms as your partner. Remember this quote, “sometimes love isn’t about how much someone suits you, but how much you’re willing to change to suit them.” if she isn’t willing to change for you than she prob isn’t worth it dude… but if she is than she’s a keeper. also if she makes sacrifices for you, be prepared to make some for her.


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