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How do you stick to your new years resolutions?

Every year, I come up with these awesome new years resolutions. Quit smoking, work out more, you know, the usual. I know that new years resolutions are a little silly, but I need a change, and I figured now is the perfect time. I really want to change my lifestyle and follow through with it. What do YOU do to keep yourself motivated?

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4 Responses to “How do you stick to your new years resolutions?”

  1. Sierra said:

    well What i do is i keep reminding myself of how un-happy i was before and howe happy i am now..that always keeps me lookign forward or try setting a little goal like say well if i quit smoking i can save more money and buy this( watever you want to splurge a little on) :] hope this helps

  2. Jim said:

    I can’t say I’m any different than you but resolutions are resolutions no matter what they are. I know how to stick to resolutions and that’s by making sure that if you write something down that you need to stick by your word. Sounds easy enough to do but it will work.

  3. Shawn M said:

    Just because a certain date is here does not mean this is when your ready to do it. Honestly, when I quit smoking it had nothing to do with a date or the medias’ constant attacks on it. I just didn’t want to anymore and stopped. Same thing with drinking I saw where it would lead me and I stopped. I love working out so that is an easy one to keep. But what I am getting is if you make any resolutions make them small ones. The big ones you have to already know it is time and you don’t want it anymore. It really is that simple. Have a great New Years =D

  4. Mutt said:

    1.When you are at the mall on Feb 6, and you see a fat naked man in a diaper, at a photography studio with your kid, dont say “Hey Cupid!” or they will taze you and your child.

    2. When you see the Easter Bunny, dont tell you husband the joke about putting pepperspray in the basket in front of your kids or bad things happen.

    3. When you are on your way from Dunkin Dounuts with your kid, and you get pulled over from a skinny female police officer, dont offer her a dounut,

    4. When you are at a 75% sale at Old Navy and you see a “mannequin” is holding a cool cellphone, check if the mannequin is real before touching her phone. Especially is she is a lawyer.

    5. When a friends birthday is on April 1st, and the party is on the same day and if your invitation said wear your clown suit, at a luau party, dont fall for it,

    6. Dont give a stranger beta fish during his party, especially if his died.

    7. When you and your daughter meet the Jonas Brothers backstage, dont hold Kevins hand then puke in it.

    8. Dont get your 40 year old desperate single (gay) brother in law a whoppe cushion.

    9. When you fart at the Ignauguration, dont blame it on Obama.

    10. At Thanksgiving, when you have 250 family members over, when your child models for the turkey to shape it, get her out of there before you cook her.

    11. When you go shopping for xmas and you have and aching back, dont say to a dwarf employee “Yo elf, Can you get me that tea set for my niece and nephew,santa would love it,” to him.

    Yes all of them are true storys to me.


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