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What are your new years resolutions for 2009?

I was amused at how different my new years resolutions are from last years.

Last year I went for the classic.. “Lose weight”, “Exercise more”, and “Work harder”

But this year I’ve gone for a different approach. So far, I have decided on:
– learn how to play the guitar
– make more friends
– give myself more me-time & pamper myself more

What are your new years resolutions? Do you think you will stick to them?

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39 Responses to “What are your new years resolutions for 2009?”

  1. Georgia xx said:

    I have 2 that I’m going to try really hard to work on, and they are:

    -Try to respect my parents more
    -Work harder at school

    I have to pick my options in Feb, so I’m gonna work really hard.

  2. haitiangirl56 said:

    I like yours!

    Mine are something like:

    Learn how to sketch/draw
    Drink more red wine
    Write more
    Make a daily, conscious effort to love myself more

    I’d also really like to pet a giraffe- I think they’re so cute!

    Congrats to you on ditching the cliched, self-deprecating resolutions and creating more positive, productive and fun ones for the new year! It’s impossible to be too good to yourself!

  3. .X said:

    – To get the boy i’m in love with πŸ™‚ (we’re friends but he doesn’t know i like him…i think!)
    – To loose weight! (It has been hard for me this year as i have under-active thyroid.)
    – To learn to love myself more.

  4. panicguy24 said:

    mine is to beat this anxiety down to the ground. and quit smokin.

  5. Vivi said:

    Mine resolutions are:
    – eat healthier foods and exercise more
    – get better at knitting
    – Stop procrastinating
    – learn how to draw and write better

  6. E T said:

    Well, i don’t usually stick to my new year resolutions but this year im Determined!!!!

    I have a few…

    -Eat more fruit and vegetables
    -Respect my parents more and tell the people i love that i love them
    -Quit biting my nails
    -Like the way i look.

    Good luck with yours, they sound great!

    Happy new year!!

  7. cant help but wait said:

    have a few facebook pictures and talk to most of my facebook friends
    get prettier and pamper my self more
    respcet my parents
    get all As
    get a boyfriend (not so sure about that one )
    and ummm actually stick to my resolutions

  8. barbedwireribbons said:

    Learning guitar is also going to be on my list!
    I’ve always wanted to, but never got around to it.
    Hope you keep to yours πŸ™‚

  9. The Unknown Professer said:

    This new years I’m goning to try to do better at school. Some hinge like: study more, be a better student, and hopefully finish my funny story. Not only do I want to do better as a student, I also feel like I should be a better person. I’m also going to try reading the bible more. Sadly, I don’t do it enough. πŸ™

  10. β˜†αƒ¦ αƒ¦β˜† said:

    I like yours–and I decided to give myself more me time too–
    This year I just want to be a better person–be more patient with people.
    Good Luck–and Happy New Year

  11. Marie said:

    mine is the classic “lose weight”.
    but to do that i vow to become more of a health freak.
    and i want to learn to accept my flaws and love my body and myself the way it is.

  12. Natalie said:

    Mine are:
    To be more confident
    Put extra effort into my work
    Stick to my resolutions
    Try to make NICE new friends
    Improve my drawing skills
    Quit biting my nails
    and and um um i cant think of anything else

  13. Hai.. β™ͺβ™₯ said:

    Well, I’ve got a lot…but I will just name a few…(to save you from boredom:D)

    *Perfect my guitar playing skills.
    *Get a haircut. This is pretty BIG for me. Im afraid!!! AGH!
    *Of course, get healthier.
    *Go Vegetarian.
    *Increase my vocabulary… Im such a nerd :F
    *Donate to Humane Societies.
    *Do things that I never thought I would do. (Karate, Sumo Wrestling [hardy- har :P]
    *Try to be at least a little LESS shy.

    I’ve been planning this stuff out for the last week or so. I have been carefully thinking up ideas on how to do the things on the list. I mean, ACTUALLY doing them. It may sound Cliched, but I really am going to do it. Seriously.

  14. DeltaJuliet said:

    My 2009 New Year’s resolutions include getting in shape, eating healthier, and finding a girlfriend to go to NYC with for New Year’s 2010.

  15. Royisa G said:

    I might be sticking w/ the classic to “lose weight” b/c since from 08-09 i’ve gained like 15 lbs. Also i want to:
    -make better moral decisions
    -learn to play my guitar (properly) that i’ve had for 2 years
    -be more outgoing
    -get organized
    -get more into fashion as i planned in 2008 but i was so lazy

  16. sillppery_4_u said:

    I plan on taking life as is. Meaning when you pick up sand and it just falls through your hand you accept it for what it is. Im going to try and not compare my life to my friends for what they have and what i don’t have. T.I.’s Live Your Life is my song Inspiration for 2009 because it shows that i need to cherish my life and not materialistic things. Some people have it worse than me or are dead. Also Work on the relationship with my 7 year old son he can be very disrespectful at times and Happiness and Joy to

  17. girl. said:

    cheers to learning the guitar! i’m looking to improve:)

    my other resolutions include eating healthier(no junkfood)
    travel if possible
    and volunteer internationally and locally.

    happy new years.β™₯

  18. β™₯. Taras the names loves β™₯. said:

    I don’t think last year I stuck with any of mine… but this year I think I finally will πŸ™‚

    –> Get good grades
    –> Start my own fashion line
    –> become a better person
    –> actually READ the Bible
    –> believe in myself even when no one else does πŸ™‚
    –> finish writing my stories
    and finally…
    –> have FUN! :))) and stop worrying about tomorrow and think about today!

    I tried the guitar a couple years ago, and that 2,000 guitar is still in my room just sittingg there lol :)))


  19. jojojojo820 said:

    im going to read 1,000 books this year
    learn yoga
    learn an instrument
    and be more organized

  20. Anson said:

    I decided to have New Years Missions instead of resolutions.

    1. Take more risks.
    2. Be more spontaneous.
    3. Finally get my license. (i was in a car accident so i am terrified of driving.)
    4. Go on a road trip to an amusement park .
    5. Go to warped tour.
    6. Have amazing grades
    7. Have a summer bonfire camp out in my field!!

  21. Racism Is Sooo 1960's said:

    -become more organized.
    -control myself (stop procrastinating, don’t give into temptation…etc.)
    -make ACTUAL friends
    -stop eating so much sugar! (seriously…ihave a risk of diabetes)
    -actually care more about apperance (not materialistcally, just in a way that i represent myself as MYSELF)
    -and finally, dont let shit get to my head!

  22. Rose said:

    My resolution has been the same for the past 5 years. “Get more organized”.
    Maybe this will be the year!

  23. YSK said:

    I decided to make my new years resolutions more specific measureable

    Drink at least 4 cups of pure water a day(hopefully more)
    start drinking de-caffeinated coffee (limit caffeine intake)
    Get into a new outfit that is right now two sizes too small.
    After I do these for at least 6 months, I will award myself with a new dress.

    That’s it.

  24. my answers suck said:

    Clean my bedroom>move stuff around to create a feng shui.
    Improve piano skills>make original pieces.
    Improve wardrobe
    Do some charity work
    Read 100 books
    Drink only water and tea, quit sugary drinks.
    Be more respectful to my elders.
    Learn more about my culture.
    Take back library books I’ve not returned yet.
    Get a job>save money>move out of parents.
    Get a puppy.
    Start smoking. Haha, it looks cool.

  25. orange iceblock said:

    This year i have two resolutions:

    to have fun
    to think of a good new years resolution that i know i will stick to for next year.

    Life is good

  26. Jenn said:

    I want to be healthier, lose weight, and get in better shape.
    But since those are such vague goals I decided to set more concrete realistic goals to help me accomplish that.
    So I made my goals the following:
    1) Become a vegetarian.
    2) Run a 5k race in the summer.
    3) Run a 10k race in the fall.
    And I also want to get involved with a local charity. I just need to research one and find a good one!

    And I decided not to wait until new year’s to start.
    I haven’t had meat in a month and I have been going to the gym at least 5 days a week for a month also. This way I gave myself a good start to the year. I’ve already been maintaining my resolutions and the year just started! It’s good to have a positive start I think!

  27. volcomchiickii808 said:

    hmm well mine are to
    1.) let go of the boy i love, and let myself be free
    2.) grow my nails out
    3.) lose some weight
    4.) write my own songs and compose music for them
    5.) paint at least 4 more pieces of artwork
    6.) use my medication everyday (im kinda bad at that, i always forget)
    7.) stay healthy
    8.) learn to love myself the way i am
    9.) not give in to fights so easily, and speak my mind when i’m unhappy about something
    10.) work harder at school

    haha, i’ve been thinking of loads more but i think i should stop at 10. ;]
    and yes, i think i’m going to stick with at least 5.. that’s my goal, actually.
    good luck and happy new year!!

  28. hi said:

    My resolutions are:

    Keep my room clean. πŸ™‚
    Get a better math grade…
    Lead a more active life; less computer/TV time and more exercise!
    I want to get better at playing the piano; I’m already pretty good, but I know I can push myself and be better.

    I think if I really try, I can do these things!

  29. Pinkie Pie said:

    -Be a healthy vegetarian
    -Be happier and like yourself
    -Get healthier/whiter teeth
    -Don’t lose/break retainer ^_^
    -Volunteer at save-a-pet
    -Learn to be really good at painting nails (like extravagant designs!)
    -Gain weight (in a healthy way)
    -Get more muscle mass

    I kept the vegetarian resolution last year and i will this year too i think. I think i can get whiter teeth. I dunno about the retainer haha- my dog ate my last one! I think i will volunteer at save-a-pet. I’m getting better at nails so ill keep that one! I think i can gain some weight + get more muscles.

  30. My OPINION MATTERS said:

    mine is to tone up and give my daughter all the love her mother lacks on giving her.

  31. Ask this girl said:

    Graduate high school
    Start college
    Drink more water to achieve clearer skin
    Have fun
    Get a car
    New laptop for college
    Flirt more (I’m kinda shy)
    Turn 18 (I’ll be turning 18 when I’m in college)

  32. lisa w said:

    ive decided to make a NEW resolution this year. im not gonna focus solely on me, im gonna focus on spending more time with my long distance family, make more time with my kids, and make more time and focus on my husband, cause a lot of times we get wrapped up in our busy lives, so on new years day i made him breakfast in bed, which im gonna do that on our weekends off. more quality time to focus on him as well. he has taken care of me for 20 yr and now its his turn…im gonna pamper him.

  33. MeL C said:

    im going to have to say……..get rid of stress. and lose about 5-10 pounds. im not a big-girl….but my tummy is now softer than usual. i had a feminine 6-pac last year, but with my added stress…it got softer. lol.

    oh and the obvious: be a better person.

  34. beechbalistic21 said:

    My resolution is to change my habbit after school. Instead of procrastinating homework and then taking a nap im going to do homework before the nap or jus start homework shortly after i get home. that way i wont be up late and in an endless cycle of no sleep. yepp thats my resolution. and i think i will stick to it because i use to do this earlier this year.

  35. somebody said:

    dream big accomplish more set goals higher then normal and accomplish them :]

  36. iwasnotlookingforartyfartylove said:

    I am going to reward myself if i stick to them so i really hope so!

    * save up for a car by stopping getting public transport everywhere, buying snacks so much and buying clothes that i never wear.

    *create a new style, ditching my dcs and hoodies

    *be healthier, eat more fruit veg. and less fatty foods, walk places more

    *forget boys and wait for the right one to find me

    *try extra hard at skwl

  37. lovelight30 said:

    -Do better in school and really focus.
    -Become closer friends with this one person because I love him.
    -Appreciate myself more and have more self respect.

  38. ** said:

    k 1st off i believe new years is overated and new years eve SUCKED.. for me and most of the ppl i know.. anyway besides the point. uhm so ya mine are basically the same as every year basically to me new years resolutions are a kind of nicer way of saying how to self-improve as in loose ur flaws : ( (but why? doesnt every1 have them) anyway i didnt make any (they never come true for me cuz i just stopped caring enough to actually do the work to acheive them) so my self improvement hopes are to: loose weight (DUH!lol), get better grades, have better relationships (friends, family.. etc) just to be a happier person.. stop being so damMn negative

  39. β™«β™₯pinkiceluvβ™₯β™« said:

    mine r:
    – change my style (to mix it up)
    – be less shy
    – learn a new language
    – but more effort in school
    – b nicer to family
    – cut hair
    – learn to like myself/b cofidence
    – and work out every day.

    i like ur tho! happy new year


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