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How do I talk to my boyfriend about wanting to start having sex?

I’ve been going out with my boyfriend for a while now and since we’re now 16 (which is legal in the UK) I really want to make the next move. I feel I’m ready but I don’t know if he is. Please could you suggest ways to steer the conversation that way and what to say to him.

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7 Responses to “How do I talk to my boyfriend about wanting to start having sex?”

  1. Cyclops said :

    Just tell him your ready, but that there’s no pressure for him to have to do anything. Tell him your happy to wait until he’s ready as well, and just see how he reacts.

  2. Jordan Renee said :

    Hey, I…

  3. Kinks said :

    When you’re making out just keep going further and further until you have sex. Just say whilst you’re doing it something like “are you sure about this” and then just do it. I really doubt he’ll say no,.

  4. twentythree.stars • said :

    Jordan Renee and Kinks are so right.

  5. dragossh said :

    show boobs and observe reaction. It would work for me.

  6. PHD said :

    you don’t talk about having your first sex with boyfriend. it is a natural occurrence = you get to a quiet comfortable place, hug and kiss, gently move your knee in his crouch, he will do same to you, then when you ready you get down and do it

  7. Asa Sauer said :

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