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What do you think about a girlfriend proposing to her boyfriend?

We have been together for a year and 10 months. I am not going to do it, even though I thought about it before. But, what do you think about the girlfriend proposing to the boyfriend?

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9 Responses to “What do you think about a girlfriend proposing to her boyfriend?”

  1. punchbuggy said:

    Why not?
    Who then gives who the ring?

  2. monie said:

    If you have discussed marriage, and he is in love with you, he will propose.

  3. rtully72 said:

    out of the question!!!! It’s a man’s job to do that. If you want to get married (big mistake at 10 months of dating) Let him know, maybe he’ll get a hint. Otherwise, let the relationship take it’s course.

  4. Acquiescent said:

    My wife did that. Her proposal went a little like this, “If you enjoy your balls, marry me or I’ll remove them.”

    Interestingly, I haven’t seen my balls since I said, “I do”

  5. ncm1217 said:

    I think it depends how confident you are in your relationship. I know it is usually the boyfriend who pops the question, but if a woman thinks it is the right time and all is going well, why not? Who cares who does the asking, as long as its done 🙂

    From personal experience, I can say that when my brother got married, it was actually a mutual agreement between himself and his, now, wife. They clicked so well, were together for 5 years already, and were living together going on 2 years, so it only seemed like a mild stepping stone to them.

  6. ladyren said:

    Marry no one you haven’t known for way more than two years. And have no children until you have traveled together, and your relationship is solid.

    Marriage now is wayyyyyyy toooooo premature. (Unless you wish to join the ranks of the singles, again. The quickest way to ruin a relationship is to marry too soon, and have children while it is still maturing…. trust me on this one)

  7. Kalamity_K:) said:

    I would love to be able to do this, but my guy is very old-fashioned and would be crushed if he didn’t get his moment. For some men it would be touching, for others, crushing. It just depends on the couple.

  8. Scott S said:

    Sounds good to me….

    ***sweet mildred is in the house…crawl into her playpen***

  9. priyanka - BOS-NYC said:

    im very traditional and i would like my guy to propose to me. in whatever way he chooses to do so.


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