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How can a pregnant woman and her unborn child stay healthy without going to a doctor?

I already posted this question, but I got very ignorant responses. Obviously she should go to the doctor, but it’s not an option right now at all.
My friend is 19 and is pregnant, and she’s not telling her mom until she’s a few more months along because her mom will want her to get an abortion. What should she do to make sure she and her baby stay healthy without seeing a doctor? She’s between 1-3 months pregnant and doesn’t smoke or drink.

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13 Responses to “How can a pregnant woman and her unborn child stay healthy without going to a doctor?”

  1. Maria said :

    there nothing better than going to dr cuz she needs vitamins and all test from dr. just for her to stay relaxed and eat healthy and drink lots of water avoid cokes, teas

  2. lorenswiffey said :

    dont lift anything heavy, take prenatal vitamins, avoid trama to the stomach and iv included a list of what to eat and not eat while pregnant

  3. Two boys are a joy! said :

    Umm she’s an adult, i don’t get it. her mom can not make her get an abortion. why can’t she see someone without her mom knowing? a midwife or something.

  4. armywife1207 said :

    Good lord, if she’s 19 she needs to grow up, and stop caring what mommy says and make her own decisions, and do what’s best for her child!!!!!

  5. tinkerbell said :

    well isnt there like a planned parenthood around and if she is 19 years old she could sneek to see a doctor but if thats not an option i know that what she should do is take prenatle vitamens eat healthy make sure she is getting enough folic acid and not do any of the normal stuff lift heavy things etc and good luck

  6. Squeakeh said :

    I’m sorry, but it is absolutely crucial that she see a doctor before then, as up until the 12th week, the risk of miscarriage is significantly higher than at any other point during the pregnancy.

    There are blood tests and other very important tests that need to be run to ensure that the pregnancy will run as smoothly and as problem-free as possible.

    I can understand that your friend is scared that her mother will find out, but the health of the baby is more important than that.

    Her mother cannot force her to have an abortion.

  7. Pregnant after Angel Baby said :

    She should take pre-natal vitamins and eat right, but not gain too much weight. Why can’t she see a doctor until she tells her mother? If it’s because of insurance or if she’d worried the doctor will tell her mother it’s against the law, patient doctor confidentiality. The insurance can send things in the mail explaining an explanation of benefits but they don’t always do it. Also, her mother can’t force her to have an abortion. It’s totally up to her, but maybe she should find a clinic where she can at least get a preliminary appointment for little to nothing out of pocket.

  8. Opie K said :

    I was in the same boat the first trimester. I’m 18 and didn’t mind telling my mother but didn’t want to tell my father. But at 19 she should be able to get herself to and from 1 appt a month. If it is not possible you should start taking a good prenatal vitamin, she really needs to go to at least one to find out for sure she is pregnant and that there is nothing wrong with the baby.

  9. Mel's Bells said :

    Take a daily prenatal vitamin (important!). Abstain from the obvious, like cigarettes, drugs and booze. Eat well. Avoid contact sports and theme park rides. Other than that, she can go about life as usual.

    She doesn’t have to go in to a doctor right away. I usually wait until my 3rd or 4th month. But if you wait too long, some doctors will not take you.

  10. Jenni said :

    She’ll be okay, I didnt see a doctor till I was 5 months pregnant. There’s really not anything “special” she needs to do if she already doesnt drink or smoke, other than take vitamins..

    If she’s afraid of her mom finding the prenatels she can take One-A-Day Multi-vitamin for woman, thats what I took.

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