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How to end a guardianship of a child without any more troubles?

I am a guardian to a 15-yr old boy and he has been giving me a lot of troubles in his schools, tickets from the police and etc. I want to end the guardianship ASAP. My ward threatens me that I cannot end the guardianship until he finds a new guardian or without the permission of his parents who are overseas. Is it true what he says? What does California Laws say on guardianship?

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3 Responses to “How to end a guardianship of a child without any more troubles?”

  1. Margaret K said :

    Here’s a link to some information.

    This information contains the following FAQ:

    Can I resign as guardian?

    Yes. A guardian can resign. But first, there must be a court hearing. And, you must give notice of the hearing to all relatives who were notified of your appointment as guardian.

    You must show the court that it would be in the child’s best interest for you to resign. If the judge agrees, s/he will appoint a guardian to replace you.

    If no replacement is available, the child will probably be made a dependent in Juvenile Court.

    and, this…

    What does the judge consider before ending a guardianship?

    The person asking to end the guardianship must be able to prove to the court that this is in the child’s best interest. (See Probate Code 1601 ).

    If the parent wants the child to live with him or her again, the judge will want proof that the parent:

    has a stable place to live;
    has a source of income;
    is “fit” or has been sufficiently rehabilitated, and
    can provide a good home for the child.
    Remember that if the child is more than 12 years old, what he or she wants and with whom he or she wishes to live will be taken into account.

  2. best.bouy2 said :

    . Tell the Police that the kid threathened you. You want him locked up or put in juvie detention.

  3. mysticalsunshine27 said :

    I”m sorry but you are another form of a parent…And parents (good parents) do not just give up on their children..they try harder and better to help their kids along and to understand the consequense to their actions!! They guide and direct the best they can…why should you just throw in the towel..are you that lazy of a “parent”??? Your the one that signed up for now you do to do the hard one ever said it was going to be easy


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